Sunday Wrap Up, 8/23/2015

And.... I'm back!  I'm sorry for not updating this blog as often as I should. It's August 24, and here I am blaming my muse for not writing anything. Oh! It was just a week but it felt like I've been doing tons of stuff lately. I had a shitty week and to be more apt, … Continue reading Sunday Wrap Up, 8/23/2015


Could It Be A Yes This Time?

I'm beyond overwhelmed. I was not expecting anything anymore. I know that I didn't do my best in the  last interview. My previous answers were better than the last one but now I have a chance. I'm grateful for I know that I don't deserve it. I was half asleep and half awake when I … Continue reading Could It Be A Yes This Time?

Of Resignations and Other Work Related Rants


Madaming ginagawa sa trabaho. Sobrang daming studyanteng parang kabuting bigla na lang sumusulpot. Sa katunayan nga, naka 51 ako ngayon. Tanggalin mo man ang 11 na deferred, may halos 11 ding ipinalit. Asan ang hustisya?! Kaya madami sa aking mga ka-trabaho ang nag-file na o mag-f-file na ng resignation dahil sa dami ng kailangang gawin … Continue reading Of Resignations and Other Work Related Rants