The Sunday Currently Vol. 13

    Blogging here again since my blog has already expired. It was my first owned blog. Owned, because I had my own domain and server. It's already gone and sadly, my husband forgot to back up the files on his server. So, moving on... Reading Ala Paredes' blog. Discovered her blog while looking for … Continue reading The Sunday Currently Vol. 13


The Sunday Currently Vol. 12

    Sneaking a WordPress Blog Post while at work. 🙂 Life has been stressful lately. I've been pre-occupied with many things -- some I have mentioned on my previous blogs and others, I think I wouldn't write about anymore. I've been asking myself when I'm going to write again. Whenever I try to log-on … Continue reading The Sunday Currently Vol. 12

My Version Of The Sunday Currently Vol. 5

Currently.... Still reading Kiera Cass' The Selection. I'm getting used to Kiera Cass' pace. Her narration was pretty interesting and the character introductions were very good too. I'm writing my What's In My Bag post in the other tab. I'm listening to Barney's song right now because of my niece, Kelly. I'm thinking about the … Continue reading My Version Of The Sunday Currently Vol. 5