Jim’s Super Gym

I've been an avid fan of Saab Magalona since she got involved in a mauling incident last year. It's not that I idolize her for brawling or stopping a brawl or whatever. I don't know. At that time, I just noticed that she has matured when it comes to writing stuff on her blog. Eventually, … Continue reading Jim’s Super Gym


Muse Missing

SOURCE: http://soaringcafe.com/wp-content/uploads/images/2014/05/30-Days-of-Writing-Day-1-Andrea-Balt.jpg

At yun na nga nawala na yung muse ko. Kahapon ang dami kong ideas, e. Kaso naubos na ata ang creative juices ko. Napagod na. Ang dami kasing studyante e T_T In other news... Saab Magalona, anong problema mo sa Dystopian at Vampire themed Young Adult novels? Anyway... Current mood: nagugutom, nauutot, pagod, gusto nang … Continue reading Muse Missing