Decoding Ariana Grande

Lemme dump my thoughts here, please.

First of…

The theme of that night’s party is Pride. We were just supposed to go to Terno Inferno when we decided otherwise. The reason behind it? It started earlier and our day was just starting. At the same time, I took that as an opportunity to go to TodayXFuture. I was one sneaky bitch. I know. I’ve been reading Jasper Lee’s posts and getting several notifications on FB about that place so that got me really curious. I was itching to know what’s in there and why is it so fun. So to cure the itch, we went there and found out.

More reasons / excuses here:

  1. For the universal excuse, I am doing it for Two Storey! However, I just realized that it should be for Twisted! XD #thehorrors
  2. To see him. To find out if he’ll talk to me or acknowledge my presence. I eventually fucked up and I’m not sure if he was the one I requested a song to. I was slightly tipsy and indifferent about my actions then. I was just hiding behind the excuse of being tipsy but honestly, I still know what I’m doing and it’s a bait. But nothing happened, and it’s probably because he doesn’t care or maybe because he knows I’m with my husband.
  3. To find out if he’ll crossdress and to find out if he turned out to be gay. And I was dumbfounded when I discovered he’s a DJ. :O


I took off my glasses that night because there’s no sense in wearing one. It was dark, I was tipsy and nothing matters. My first experiment failed but it was worth it. Every bottle of Smirnoff Mule is worth it. All those 5 bottles wreck me but it just added up to the fun.

I’m not even sure if he was the DJ whom I talked to or if he was the one who played the Ariana Grande playlist but it was just one of those moments where I want the ground to devour me. That won’t stop me from going there again, though.

TodayXFuture is like Saguijo. It has a homey feel. The rustic feel adds more flavor to the uniqueness of the place. It was quite small but in an intimate way. It’s a place where people can enjoy good music. Not just because Jasper Lee might be a DJ on that place, but because they have good food choices and music to pair it with. In fact, my husband says their Tofu Sticks are to die for. I hope to find another excuse to go there again.





I was quite worried if I was under-dressed. I was worried that we wouldn’t like the place. However, none of it matters because the place was a nice hangout place. There was no door charge too. Perhaps, the down side is that there aren’t enough tables and chairs. That won’t be a problem if you love dancing. It won’t be a problem if you are willing to join the crowd on the dance floor and enjoy the music.

We decided to try both and because of my tipsy / drunk behavior, my husband decided that we head home early. I honestly felt like a “tita / ahjumma / oba-san.” Going home early made me miss half of the fun. We should have partied ’til dawn but perhaps my alcohol tolerance had really failed me and it was really best to go home.

Drinking 5 bottles of vodka is a no-no. So next time, I should drink moderately. I should party harder and responsibly. I should #walwalnomore.



Post AnniverSaturDate At Hampton Gardens

Last Saturday, June 18, 2016, Ino and I celebrated our post anniversary date at The Hampton Gardens. We were supposed to celebrate at the same place on our 7th year anniversary. However, I got terribly sick on the day of our date so we decided to just postpone it.

We left Citihomes around 3:30 PM to 4 PM and arrived in THG at around 4:30 PM. We just dropped our things at Lawrence’s unit and we headed to the swimming pool. We swam for about 30-45 minutes and decided to grab a bite nearby THG.

There were a couple of places that Ino was raving about. First was the burger place and the second was the very affordable Tapsihan, Tapsi Sa Palatiw, near Stella Maris Pasig.

We headed to the burger place first because we were supposed to have burgers and shakes for snacks. However, it was still closed when we dropped by. Closed at 5 PM? Hahaha.. Pretty weird, right? Ino said that the burger place usually opens around 6 PM and closes at 2-3 PM.  So, since it is still closed, we just went to the other place that he was raving about.




I let him choose the kind of Tapsi that he wants to order since he recommended the place. It was my first time to go there so I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve eaten at several Tapsihans and Tapsi sa Palatiw’s Tapsilog was just right for me. For a very affordable price, the Tapsi was not a miss but it wasn’t as stellar as Tapa King’s.  It was actually a hit for me because it is a go-to-place if you are looking for a budget friendly dine in experience.

Aside from the Tapsi, we also ordered a couple of barbecue sticks. It would have been better if they reheated it. The meat was already quite cold and difficult to chew so I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much.

The Tapsilog costs P31 pesos per meal and the barbecue costs around P10 to P12 per stick.

The dining experience was comfortable. The place was spacious. Not many people dined in when we went there but that’s because it’s a Saturday and it’s not really the high time for people to eat dinner or eat rice and a viand for snacks.

I will still go back and try their chicken meal if I were given a chance. For a cost effective experience, I would rate this affordable restaurant a 3.

Tapsi sa Palatiw is located at Stella Maris Ave, Pasig, 1607 Metro Manila.


Off to our next stop, Ino chose another place for desserts.






For P25, I get to Swirl to The Max!!!

It isn’t obvious that it was my first time to ever go to Lawson. 🙂

It was actually not my first time because Ino and I had tried it before at Legarda, Manila a few months ago. But let me just enjoy this post because it is worth writing. 🙂

I’ve tried several ice creams from different marts like 7-Eleven, Ministop, Family Mart, and Circle K. I’d definitely choose Circle K’s vanilla ice cream over Family Mart’s.

My curiosity started when I’ve read about Lawson’s Charcoal Ice Cream from Mati Serrano‘s blog and DomesticUrbanite‘s blog. Both of them are foodies or food enthusiasts and reading about their recipes and food trips from time to time helped me discover new places and new dishes to try. Reading their blog posts about Lawson’s Charcoal Ice Cream made me think that it must be something that I, myself, should try.

At the same time, my resident bully and fiance, told me that he has already tried the Charcoal Ice Cream before which made me green with envy. I was very curious at that time but I don’t know where Lawson is in Ortigas.

So, here I am. Looking like a first timer because I really am. 🙂

The Charcoal Ice Cream experience was delightful! It was fun to eat although it messed my teeth (which Ino made fun of) because of the charcoal. For P25, it wasn’t that bad. It is now my 2nd favorite next to Circle K’s.

Looking at Lawson’s selection, I can say that they have more stocks than 7-Eleven and sometimes Mercury Drug. They offer different kinds of stuff from toiletries to different instant food. I was actually amazed with the toiletries because there’s a lot to choose from.

I had to compare because I’ve been waiting for Ino at 7-Eleven for almost half the year after I tired myself out from hanging out at Mc Donald’s several months ago. It was something that I have to write about since that habit will eventually end by the end of June. Hopefully.

So, going back to the Charcoal Ice Cream experience, I would say that I’d like to give it a 4 for trying. It was definitely something new and something refreshing to try on a hot summer or rainy day. 🙂


We went to ELITE NAILS HAND, FOOT AND BODY SPA after taking a rest at THG.



Excuse my manas or swollen feet I’m not preggers, I’m just fat.


I think Ino reads my posts and take my Sunday Currentlies to heart. I remember one Sunday Currently post where I’ve written something about needing some pampering. I think he didn’t miss that post because he treated me to a nail care experience at the Elite Nails Spa on our post Saturdate Anniversary celebration.

We inquired about their nail services first before we decided to book a pedi session before we went to Tapsi sa Palatiw and Lawson. My usual dilemma in inquiring about a product or a service to a clerk or a sales representative is their ability to explain the product or service that they are selling and how knowledgeable they are in what their products or services are.

I was pretty satisfied with Elite Nails’s attendant because he was able to explain the differences of the services that they offer. It was clear and what I just needed to hear, so as a result, I was able to choose right away on which service I’m going to avail.

Ater taking a rest at the Hampton, we headed to Elite Nails for a Luxurious Dead Sea Salt Pedicure.

We waited for almost half an hour but that’s okay because the place was well air conditioned and had a relaxing vibe. The attendant and the staff were friendly and very accommodating. ‘Though they have a separate staff assigned for the Foot Spa and another for the Pedicure, it’s okay. I don’t have any qualms on it.

The Luxurious Dead Sea Salt Pedicure costs around P390. I had an additional OPI Nail Polish worth P50 to P60 because the staff said it lasts two weeks longer than an ordinary nail polish so I gave it a go.

It was actually worth it. The foot spa was good because the staff really tried to scrape off my dry skin and callouses. She was very hardworking and was very friendly too. I admit that her job was very difficult and given that it’s almost dinner time, I give props to her good service because she didn’t hastily do her job. I felt that I’m getting the service that is worth what I’m paying for so I didn’t regret giving her a tip.

The pedicure, which I was expecting to be painful was very painless. The staff who attended to me was very careful and checks on my reaction from time to time. It was not painful so it was okay. She also followed my request about not using a nail file because I hate the feeling of it scratching my nails. I also gave her a tip for taking care of my nails.

I would definitely go back to this branch if I will be given a chance. I’d also choose the same staff, if only I could remember their names. 🙂 I think I can still remember how they looked like. 🙂 I give this branch a 3.75 for a quite excellent service.

This branch that I have visited was just outside the Hampton Gardens. It’s located at Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Pasig, 1607 Metro Manila. You can also check their menu on their website.

Finally, after everything that transpired on that day, we chanced upon the burger place that I was writing about earlier.

It’s already open!!





When I said burger place, I was actually referring to Tapsihan Sa Maybunga. This is the place that Ino was telling me about. He was actually raving about the huge burger that they are offering.

He was telling me about the ingredients of each burger. It was quite a mouthful. Each burger is offering a Quarter Pounder. 🙂 Some of the burgers have SPAM, bacon, sunny side up fried eggs, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeno, onions, special butter sauce, etc.

My choice was the Butter Beater and it didn’t disappoint. I was also leaning towards Big Max since I’m not into different kinds of meat in one burger. Ino likes Rise N Shine but I find it quite greasy and too much. Although it is not that bad because it is really worth your money thanks to their generous serving. 🙂

I didn’t choose Level Up, Fast Break and Firehouse because of the SPAM, bacon, eggs, and jalapeno. It’s just me. I just don’t enjoy too much food in one bite. I guess it’s delicious too but I think I might try it out if Butter Beater or Big Max are not available. Haha!

Oh! We also bought a Choco Chip Shake! It was good but I wish I ordered Mocha Frappe instead. I was supposed to order Mocha Frappe but Ino said he has already tried it. I wanted him to try out a different flavor too but unfortunately, he chose the same flavor he had last time. It was quite a let down. But I will definitely try their Mocha Frappe next time! 🙂

The shakes are pretty average for me. I think it is not really worth P75. I think they could have served it for around P60 to P65 instead. The presentation and the taste wasn’t that rad for P75. I wish they could level it up by adding something more to their “plating” or to their unique taste.

With how Ino hyped the burger and the shakes, it really got me expecting something out of everything. I was expecting something worth writing about and not just an Instagram moment. I was expecting a memorable taste out of it. Something that could linger and make me want to come back even if it’s quite far from where I am from.

I guess, it’s just me and my expectations. The burger was great. The presentation and plating was surprising. The knife on the burger was liberating. The plastic gloves was a unique suggestion on how to eat the burger. It gave a subtle hint about a no poise moment. It was fun and entertaining. I enjoyed it!

I will give this restaurant a 3.5 for the effort and for the hype. 🙂

I also liked the way the servers feel like family. It’s really hard to tell whether they are just staffs or family members helping each other out in their family business. It’s a Saturday anyway, and it somehow made me feel nostalgic.

I used to dream about my own clan owning a restaurant and each one of us helping out in any way we can. I know that it’s impossible right now but it could have been a good business venture for each of us.

Anyway, I was able to enjoy the food and the drink. It was a treat! So yeah, I really enjoyed everything. I’m still looking forward to visiting Tapishan sa Maybunga because I might just really have high hopes for everything products and services related. This is how I am most especially when I am paying or someone is treating me for a food experience.

Having said that, this is not a paid advertisement and I’m blogging about it to share my own experiences. Also, I’m blogging about my thoughts so that one’s service or products will continuously improve and provide satisfaction to their customers.

Tapsihan sa Maybunga is near Hampton Gardens. It is located at 416, Dr. Sixto Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila.

KOREAN FOOD: Kyochon Chicken and Mr. Park’s

Woohoo!!! This is the last entry for my backlog! I’m so glad that I’m finally free from it!! :))

For this post, I will be talking about the ever famous Kyochon Chicken and Mr. Park’s! Both restaurants serve delicious Korean food. Once again, this is not a paid advetisement. 

I will start with Mr. Park’s first. (Redundant ba?)

I’ve heard about Mr. Park’s from my colleagues, Abba and Cara. They said  that they frequent Mr. Park’s after our shift just to buy some pastries or coffee. They also mentioned that the food is affordable and delicious. They also suggested that we try Mr. Park’s Bingsu.

It was the night when I drank with three of my male colleagues at Metrowalk. Since I’m not that close to them, I felt very awkward and nervous to hangout with them. It’s a good thing that Ino was on his way to Metrowalk to fetch me. I drank 4 bottles of San Mig Light and felt a little dizzy. Ino also drank a couple of bottles and had a couple of cigarettes because my colleagues are smokers too. I understand how he feels and I know that it’s just for that night, so I let him smoke.

After some chitchat and another round of beer, we decided to go home.

However, we didn’t go home yet. Because as we were strolling around Emerald avenue, we spotted Mr. Park’s and decided to give it a try.

We ate some bread and sandwiches to keep us sober. We also ordered the Fruit Bingsu that Abba and Cara were talking about. It was actually nice.

The ambiance was very chic and classy. The food looks gourmet and the staffs were very friendly and accommodating. According to their staff, Mr. Park’s is open 24/7. 🙂

It was very nice. However, the Bingsu that we ordered was not the exact Bingsu that I have in mind. I thought that it would be like Cafe 7ate9, which was creamy and sweet. However, since it’s composed of fruits, the sourness of some of the fruits affected the taste of the Bingsu. (Haha! What am I saying?) It’s 2:25 AM. I’m sorry.

Probably, it was because I’m expecting a heavenly taste. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as heavenly as it was supposed to be. Or I just have a high expectation on things.

I was able to take some photos but my phone’s battery died in the middle of my picture taking. 😦 I also have some photos in Ino’s phone but he hasn’t sent it to me yet.  I’ll just update this soon, okay?

So, here’s the beautiful place of Mr. Park’s:

Mr. Park’s Bread & Cake is located at Garnet Street Corner F. Ortigas Jr, Ortigas, Pasig City. Please visit them as soon as you can! 🙂

I’ve been hearing about Kyochon Chicken from my students because of its famous Chicken and beer (Chimaek) and it got me curious about how it tastes like.

Unlike Filipinos who like to eat chicken with rice, Koreans usually eat their chicken with beer. I have tried the  Yangnyum Chicken in Seoul (Korean Restaurant in Escriva) and it is by far the best chicken that I’ve ever had. Even their plain fried chicken is very delicious!

I was very giddy when Ino agreed to eat at Kyochon in SM Mega Mall. Since I’m such a curious cat, the thought of eating at a famous Korean restaurant where my students can actually relate to, made me really happy.

I became much happier when he ordered Tteokbokki and Hotteok for dessert. 🙂 Oooh, I’m becoming hungry again.

Anyway, here’s what we ordered:



The Tteokbokki and the Hotteok are really nice. I enjoyed the sweetness of both dishes! I enjoyed it too much that I ended up having a terrible toothache afterwards.

The chicken was pretty small but they have an explanation for that. It was okay. It was a little similar with Bonchon but I prefer Kyochon’s snacks and desserts more. I love Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) though.

I would like to go back to Kyochon and try another dish if I will have another chance. Hmmm… this is not a good time to get hungry. Time check 2:11 AM. :))

World Street Food Congress 2016

Ino and I celebrated our 83rd Monthsarry at the World Street Food Congress 2016 at BGC, Taguig.

I am clueless about what the event would be like. First, I thought that the food congress, having the word “World” in the title would suggest that we’d get to eat different kinds of food all over the world. I was excited with the idea that I will be able to try some Korean street foods but lo and behold, there wasn’t any Korean food on that day.

Second, I didn’t have any idea on what the congress would be like. I imagined that it would be located indoors and that it would be inside a mall or a building or something. Surprise, surprise!! It was an outdoor event.

Well, that’s what you get from not reading anything or making a research about where you’re going ahead of time. In my defense, Ino just told me that we’re going to this place a few days before the event and I’m not exactly sure about what to expect. I guess, I wasn’t really paying attention when he was telling me about it.

It was already afternoon when we arrived. We walked from Market! Market! to McKinley and we were greeted by the long cue of people. We eventually found our way to the end of the line and after a few minutes were able to get in.

We got a free bottle of Listerine when we arrived. Then I got to take tons of photos using my new Sony camera!! I was very happy that I got to try it for the first time. It really made me feel like a blogger! Hahahaha! :))

So, we took some photos here and there and we looked around for the dishes that they were serving. Unfortunately, there isn’t any Korean stall. 😦 It was such a let down but it was still a good experience.

There were a lot of people in the food congress, there’s always a long cue for each stalls. Some stalls closed early because they were already sold out. The price range for the food costs around P150-250 depending on the kind of food that you are ordering.

We get to taste different variety of dishes from meals to snacks. Unfortunately, the bagoong chicken didn’t make the cut because it didn’t work for us.

Here’s a funny story…

While we were eating our food, there was a band on the stage. Actually they were just an acoustic duo. Upon hearing Silent Sanctuary, I (being the gullible person that I am) thought that it was really Silent Sanctuary singing on the stage. So, I took several photos of them until I realized that they just meant that the previous song that they sang was a cover of Silent Sanctuary’s Sa’yo. I was very embarrassed at that time because I even told Ino that it was SS but it actually wasn’t.

Anyway, we just enjoyed the music because they didn’t invite other guests at that time. I think they were more focused on the food and profit that they haven’t thought of inviting a band. (Even an indie band to perform!!)  It was actually a let down.

The acoustic duo also had a second set, in which the singer were asking the audience for a song request. Ino and I requested for Ripped Jeans / Photograph. The singer/guitarist accommodated our request but it seems that he’s not familiar with the chords and lyrics of the song. So, yeah. Another disappointment.

He also sang Marry Me by Train because Ino requested for it. Again, he wasn’t that familiar with the song again that’s why he had a hard time. But since we just enjoyed the event, it was still a good experience for us.

Here are some of the photos that I took using my new Sony Camera:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

February Favorites!

Oh February! It seems like a year to me but in reality, it was just about 4 months.

Remember when I was so excited to plan my wedding? Hahaha! Ino proposed on December 25 and a few weeks after that excitement took over me and I don’t know. I really don’t know what happened to me. I just started contacting people and making plans.

Now that four months have passed, a lot has happened and I’m not sure if I’m still that excited. We stopped planning for a bit and decided to continue our lives as it is. It was Ino’s request to take things slowly. I’m fine with that but it’s June… I’m going to have my first wedding gown fitting… erm… measured? this month.

And that’s an instant update about my wedding preparations. Well, we’re not doing any preparations lately so that’s that.

In light of this post, Ino and I met with Ira to have our wedding planned. We decided to meet Ira at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in EDSA Shangri-La Mall. We went there ahead of time, so we had lunch first and decided to order a blueberry cheesecake, a Pure Double Chocolate ice blended drink and brewed coffee.


We haven’t met Ira yet for the first meeting because we haven’t reserved a church yet. We haven’t reserved the reception as well. Well… I hope it will be sorted out soon.

January Food Reviews!

I know that it’s already June 4, 2016! It’s half of the year already and I still have some backlogs from the first half of the year. So, here I am… trying to find some ways on how to deliver these food experiences that Ino and I had for the past 6 months.

First stop…

Hoolala Chicken

Samgyetang from Hoolala Chicken House
Samgyetang from Hoolala Chicken House


I’ve been quite curious about Korean food ever since I got into the Korean culture. It has been over 4 years since I’ve worked in the ESL industry. Discovering the Korean culture, most especially their food is such an experience for me.

Aside from talking to different students everyday, I also enjoy eating Korean food. I first fell in-love with Bulgogi Soondobu Jjigae and Galbi Jjim. I love all kinds of Korean food and I really consider it as my stress reliever. 🙂 I used to hate eating spicy food but Korean food changed my perspective 360 degrees! No kidding!

Having said that, my students often recommend Samgyetang to me. They said that it is one of the most appropriate food for summer. So, I really got curious about how it tastes and initially thought that it tastes like our traditional Arroz Caldo (Congee) but boy, I was wrong.

According to MaangchiGinseng chicken soup (in Korean, Samgyetang) is a hot, steaming, delicious dish that features a small chicken stuffed with rice, ginseng, garlic, and  jujube.

I was quite bummed out when it wasn’t available at Seoul Korean Restaurant in Escriva, Ortigas, Pasig City. So I just promised myself that I’m going to try it out when it’s available in another Korean restaurant.

Fortunately, it is available in Hoolala Chicken House. It is located at Escriva Drive in Ortigas, Pasig City. I didn’t get to take some pictures at that time because Ino and I were too hungry. If I remember it right, Seoul Korean restaurant, refused to accommodate us at around 12 AM because they were closing at 1 AM. (We didn’t come back as often as we used to after that because of that experience.)

Oh well.. Hoolala Chicken House has a fast foodfeel. It is not as homey as Seoul, but it is more like a Korean version of Jollibee. They also sell Korean snacks, Kimchi, and other Korean snacks. They have two huge flat screen TVs which were installed on the different ends of the walls too.

The food was good. It was quite cheaper than Seoul but the taste is not equally satisfying. The staff are not as friendly too but it’s just right. I give it a 3.

The Samgyetang was really different from what I imagined it to be. I guess it was quite a let down. But hey, it’s just my first Samgyetang. Maybe I should try it out in a different restaurant next time.

All in all, the place was quite accessible. It’s a good place to visit most especially if your shift ends in 11 AM. It’s also a good thing that they are open from 10 AM to 2 AM.

Oh! According to, Grace Lee owns it along with her business partners, Paolo Bediones and Arnold Vegafria. I actually thought that it was owned by an ordinary Korean businessman or something. Well, that was a trivia for us. 🙂

If you are looking for a different Korean experience, I’m encouraging you to try it! 🙂

Next Stop…

Mozu Cafe

I’ve been working in Ortigas for years and I’ve been wondering about what this place is about. Ino and I occasionally pass by to this area because it is close to the ATM centers but we’ve never tried to hang out in this place EVER. All I know is that a lot of yuppies hang out, enjoy loud music, drink some beer and hear boisterous laughter whenever we pass by.

Luckily, Lyn is a party animal and she brings the party animal in me to drink occasionally and pour our hearts out. I actually miss her. 😦



We used to talk about our careers, our family, our relationships and the lack of having one, etc. We talk about anything under the sun but she has to resign because of her full time job.

I think this was actually taken on her last day. She invited me to drink and unwind. I was really sad that she’s gone. I mean that she resigned. I really enjoyed our friendship and our mature conversations. It’s too bad that it was cut short because of priorities. Well, I hope to see her soon. 🙂

Anyway, Mozu has a variety of food that you can choose from. We often order the calamares while we drank some beer or some ladies’ drinks. Sometimes we order a slice of their cake.

I think my dining experience is not exactly enough for a review. If I’m going to rate their food, I think it wouldn’t be enough. The cake was gratifying but it costs quite a lot. The frappe was also satisfactory. However, I need to pay more visits to this place next time to give justice to this review. Hahaha! 🙂

If you are around the area and you are as curious as I was. I dare you to try it out and share your experience. 🙂

6 years and 9 months anniversary at Intramuros, Manila


I haven’t written anything about this post since I posted it 4 days ago. I’m sorry.

These photos were taken last February 23, 2016. Ino and I somewhat celebrated our 81st monthsarry or 6 years and 9 months anniversary in Intramuros, Manila. We initially planned to process my papers at the Archdiocesan Chancery Office Arzobispado de Manila for my baptismal certificate’s amendment. We also planned to go to the church (where I had my baptism) on the same day.

We had lunch at KFC nearby Manila Cathedral. Then we went to Intramuros to kill time. We still had about an hour before the Archdiocesan Chancery Office Arzobispado de Manila opens, so we grabbed the only chance we’ve got and decided to go to Intramuros and spend our monthsarry there.

I have been longing to go to Intramuros for a while. I actually told him that since we don’t have enough money to spend for our anniversary this year (because we are saving for the weddding,) we could just go on a date at Intramuros instead.

We were actually planning to go this May. However, since the opportunity arose, we decided to just take our time and enjoy the beauty of Intramuros during our special day.

Here are some of the photos that I took using my LG G3 camera.









































It actually feels great to be on a date with someone you love. It also felt great to be in a place that you hoped to visit for a long time. I was actually elated when I’ve come to realize that I’m not only in a historical place, but also I was with a boyfriend who will also become my fiance in over a year.

I think there’s still another place in Intramuros that we should visit. It was a certain area that we visited on our field trip when I was in grade school or high school. I remembered that there were kalesa(s) at that place. I could be dreaming or just remembering something from a movie or a TV episode. I’m not really sure. I think we have to go back and try to find it again.

There’s a feeling of contentment when I visit historical places or museums. I guess, I may not be as adventurous as the others but the nationalist in me really enjoyed this simple getaway. I hope to go back soon with my husband. 🙂

Jim’s Super Gym

I’ve been an avid fan of Saab Magalona since she got involved in a mauling incident last year. It’s not that I idolize her for brawling or stopping a brawl or whatever. I don’t know. At that time, I just noticed that she has matured when it comes to writing stuff on her blog. Eventually, she became my peg in writing some of my entries too.

I just stumbled upon that news then after that I tried to search her on Google and the rest is history. I found her blog interesting and refreshing. It’s a different take and a different style in blogging. It’s one that Tumblr bloggers should discover. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate the new generation of Tumblr bloggers. It’s just that I really hate how “bloggers” turned the dashboard into a UP Secret Files feel.

Moving on…

Saab just got engaged at that time and she was trying to lose some weight. Aside from DietDiva, she also blogged about going to the gym and I got very interested in it.

I am not really a fitness buff or anything close to anything fitness related. In fact, I’m the type of person who’d rather be a couch potato (like eating some snacks with soda or anything with soda while watching TV or while reading FashionPulis or some Pretty Little Liars theories on Tumblr) than go out and enjoy the sun or the rain or go window shopping and whatnot. Let’s just say that I’m the type of person who thinks that going out means spending money and with the kind of shopping behavior that I have… (I’m actually an impulsive shopper) I’d rather stay at home because basically, I’m broke.

My weekends comprise sleeping late, waking up late and eating late. Sleeping, eating, surfing the internet, eating, sleeping, … repeat ’til fade. That was my routine every weekend until I got so hooked with Saab’s fitness posts.

After some weeks, I decided to tell Ino about it. I told him that I want to go to the gym. He was not the reason why I want to lose weight, okay? I just want to feel good about myself. I want to take selfies with confidence. I want to run and do things lightly. I don’t want to be so sickly and tired all the time.

So, it’s a good thing that he took it positively and didn’t tease me about it. He didn’t put me under pressure. Although my mom and some of my relatives keep on telling me to lose weight… still, they were not the biggest factor in my decision. It was because of Saab and also because I wanted it too.

I guess, you need to want and like something so that you can set a goal and be motivated to do it. Actually, I’m so looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the budget for the gym registration, the program and the trainer was insufficient at that time because we were about to go to Pandaquit, Zambales for our anniversary.

We actually scouted for several gyms including the high end ones and the nearest gym in my place a week after we celebrated our 6th anniversary. Thankfully, we were able to inquire at Gym Plus in Edsa Central, Mandaluyong City. It was actually cost efficient and the staff were accomodating.

I think it was after a couple of weeks after we went to Zambales when he told me that he has already saved some money for our gym plans. After that week, we went to Gym Plus in Edsa Central, Mandaluyong to sign up for the registration and training programs.

It has been 2 Saturdays since our registration and tomorrow is our 3rd. I am up for a 10 session for two months with Coach Jim. He actually suggested for me to go there 3x or 5x a week, however, my schedule is very tight on weekdays so I really can’t go there. He also mentioned that he is not available on Sundays, so we only go there on Saturdays. I also have an overtime work on Sundays from 4 pm to 9 pm so working out on Sundays won’t really work for me.

So far, we’ve been going to the gym once a week and I can say that it was fun. At first, I thought it’s like P.E class with all the stretching and running and physical activities. It was also my first time to try the treadmill, so I find it a bit awkward but intriguing. As I’ve written before, I usually go to work on foot so walking is not a problem for me. In fact, I am always looking forward for the treadmill because it’s the easiest and I get to listen to music for 20 minutes without being in a hurry as well.

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If I like the treadmill, I dread the bicycle-like machine. It’s really painful on the legs most especially on the knees. It’s not really my favorite equipment but it’s okay. I use both machines slowly because duh it was just my 2nd time. Probably, I’d be faster soon. 🙂

All in all, exercising in the gym is fun. At first, I got very conscious because there are a lot of men and they were staring at me and watching me do the routine. As time goes by, it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I am more focused on my routine and my motivation to be slimmer.

However, cutting down on snacks and soda is really challenging for me. I can’t last a week without drinking soda, eating in a fast food restaurant, and eating oily and salty snacks in the office or after office. I am trying to drink more water and lessening the colored drinks but it’s inevitable when you’re eating out. I am trying but it might really take a lot of discipline.

So to sum it all,  going to the gym became another activity that we are enjoying together so far since we are not really sporty people and we both have different goals in changing our lifestyle. It’s an addition to our laidback bonding moments.

I’m thankful that I became an avid follower of Saab Magalona’s blog because she really motivated me to become healthier in a good way. I hope I can inspire other people too in the future.

I’ll keep you posted with my progress soon so just hang in there and enjoy the weekend.



Our 6th Anniversary at Anawangin, San Antonio, Zambales

Heeeyyy… Long time no write? Or no update?! Sorry ’cause I’ve been quite busy.

My muse has left me for a while. I don’t feel like writing these days. So much has happened last week and I didn’t have enough time to blog about it. So much personal stuff had transpired.

Oh… Ino and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary over the weekend, May 23, 2015! Yey! It was our first time to celebrate our relationship on the same day.

We left Manila at 4:30 A.M on Saturday and we barely had enough time to really get some sleep because the check in is at 3 P.M. We arrived earlier than 3 P.M. Actually, we arrived at around 9 A.M or 10 A.M but Ms. Tess, the very hospitable staff of Megan’s, was very nice to let us in the room even if it’s not yet 3 P.M. It’s a good thing that the room was already available so we don’t need to wait for a long time.


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Anyway, it was a blast! We almost fought on our way to San Antonio, Zambales because we had a miscommunication about going to the toilet. I thought he was at bay. I waited for him for about three minutes but he was still in the bus. I freaked out because I just woke up when I alighted the bus and I was disoriented when I saw that I was in a different place. I thought we were still at the Free Port. >_< So, I was fucking mad and I unintentionally shouted at him when I entered the bus. I thought he was going to accompany me. Because I’m too broke that I don’t have any coins to pay for the toilet. >_<// So, we almost fought because I shouted at him in public. But then, I apologized and he apologized too. And were okay again.

I felt very happy because he was prepared! He really thought about the place, the accommodations and the boat trip! I wasn’t able to take a picture of the room, the boat trip and other things because… I’m not a photoblogger. LOL.

I am such a noob in taking photos and I’m not really into posting stuff. I’m starting to get the hang of my LG G3 camera, though. I enjoyed saying ‘cheese’ and ‘Kimchi’ without clicking the shutter button on my phone. Ooohh, free advertisement! LOL.

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Initially, I really wanted to go to Silanguin. Look at the fourth picture on the right side of my Instagram post! It’s pretty awesome, right? But it takes 2 hours to get there and it’s quite expensive for us. If I remember it correctly, the trip to Silanguin costs P2,500 and that’s the only island that you can visit. You can’t go to Annawangen or Capones or Camara, etc. Though, there are trips where you can go island hopping, but I guess it costs more. It would be best if you will go backpacking with some of your friends in Silanguin and stay there overnight. Yes, you can stay there overnight but that would be an extra charge, I guess.

Before we choose the island that we’re going to go to, the guide told us that the water in Silanguin may be a little itchy because it is not really a part of the beach but more of a pond. There are fishlings that can make our skin feel itchy, so we just ditched the idea of going there. On a side note, we actually thought that it was Anawangin but we were quite surprised to found out that it was Annawangen.

So, since we’re only for the boat ride to a couple of islands, we decided to just go to Capones and Annawangen.

Anyway, the first boat trip was freaky. We ran out of gas in the middle of the ride. We’re on the sea in a small boat with the boatman(?) or bangkero and two children — one boy and one girl, It’s a good thing that nobody freaked out. (I was actually really freaking out deep inside me because I know that the water’s too deep and I won’t survive because I can’t take a deep breath and swim for the life of me. I don’t even know if Ino can save himself so I nearly passed out.) On the exterior, I was calm as fuck but if he can see right through me… I guess, everybody will be affected.

Anyway, it’s a good thing that the boatman brought an extra bottle or container of gas for the boat ride, thankfully we arrived at Capones safely. We didn’t swim at that time because we were too busy taking pictures of the beautiful island. The water captivated me and I took some photos blindly. My angle was pretty bad because we arrived in Capones in the middle of the afternoon. We also didn’t swim because the water is too deep and the waves were too strong.

Oh yeah, the waves in going to Capones and Annawangen were pretty huge. I guess it’s the best if you’re aiming for beach surfing but as for the boat trip? It was another heart-racking moment. It was like a roller coaster ride only with huge waves in the middle of the sea.

So, please understand that I was not brave enough to take my phone out and snap some photos of the huge waves. I’m too scared to lose my life and my phone that I haven’t paid in full yet.

Although I wasn’t able to take a picture of the beautiful landscape of stones and rocks, I was able to take a photo of the beach at Capones. So here it goes:

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Here’s Annawangen for yah:

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We took a rest in our room after the wonderful boat trip. However, since his sore throat was already starting to make him feel uncomfortable, we just decided to stay the night. We weren’t able to take our dinner as well because we felt too tired to go out. We just had breakfast and dinner the next day.

I was famished when we got out of the room the next day. I don’t usually eat or drink Taho (Soybean curdpudding?? Not sure.) but when I saw it I suddenly craved for it. It was also the first time that the arnibal (caramelized sugar) had an equal serving to the soybean curd.


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Oh, I didn’t mix it. I don’t like mixing my Taho. :))

After the Taho experiencel we ate at DG Paraiso Restaurant which is located outside Megan’s Paradiso Beach Resort.

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It was a few blocks away from Megan’s. The food was delicious. It was worth our money but I expected more. It’s a good thing that I didn’t order the Bibimbap because it would be such a let down if they were not able to get the exact taste that we were looking for.

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I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken. In my opinion, if you are going to visit a restaurant for the first time, you should try the safest food. It just happens that my go-to food is chicken. It was actually good. The mash potatoes were spot on, if only they served it with gravy and not a bottle of catsup.

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Ino on the other hand ordered the Sweet and Sour Pork. He said it was actually good and it was really a heavy meal. However, the Sweet and Sour sauce became a Sweet and Sour soup.

All in all, the place was very interesting and budget friendly. There is also a small convenience store beside Meghan’s that sells everything from vegetables to food to medicines.

Oh by the way, I also found these two cute Terrier-Azkals puppies on our way to checking out.

Ang cute!

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We really had a blast, indeed!