First of all, I'd like to welcome my 2 AM thoughts back! Now, off to my thoughts... Having the chance to talk to the childhood friend I mentioned in my previous blog and the unsatisfactory short replies I get from him... I don't think he actually understood what I meant by starting over. So... let … Continue reading 2:11



    Social media has been a tricky space for me. I don't really post things religiously like the others. I also don't follow trends that much. I dunno. Probably, it's just me. Sometimes, I feel like there are important things that I should keep to myself and just savor in private. Posting everything online … Continue reading 23:45

12:45 What My 2017 Was Like

Listening to: Burn by Tina Arena     I've been setting goals for the past two years and I can say that it's quite interesting to keep track of the things I've accomplished and met. Looking back at my previous posts for the past year, I noticed that the only things I have accomplished were … Continue reading 12:45 What My 2017 Was Like


#Personal: Talking About My Family

Happy July 2nd! I'm back on writing again after a long hiatus. It's time to update this blog more often than I should and I mean it. I should really do something about my writing skills. Today, I will talk about something personal. It's about stuff that happened a few months ago.     It all … Continue reading #Personal: Talking About My Family


Decoding Ariana Grande

Lemme dump my thoughts here, please.     First of... The theme of that night's party is Pride. We were just supposed to go to Terno Inferno when we decided otherwise. The reason behind it? It started earlier and our day was just starting. At the same time, I took that as an opportunity to … Continue reading Decoding Ariana Grande


The Sunday Currently Vol. 12

    Sneaking a WordPress Blog Post while at work. 🙂 Life has been stressful lately. I've been pre-occupied with many things -- some I have mentioned on my previous blogs and others, I think I wouldn't write about anymore. I've been asking myself when I'm going to write again. Whenever I try to log-on … Continue reading The Sunday Currently Vol. 12


After XX-years…

      Helloooooo WordPress!! After a long hiatus, here I am again to dump photos and more blog contents. There were many reasons why I was gone. New blog - http://www.cheskinita.com New job - I already have a 10-7 job that requires me to sleep early and wake up early... but i am restless. … Continue reading After XX-years…