Happy 2020!

Panibagong taon nanaman! Eto nanaman ako sa pag-gawa ng bagong entry para sa bagong taon. Well, technically, nakaka-dalawang buwan na si 2020 pero ngayon lang ako sinipag mag-sulat dito sa blog ko.  Wala lang. Madami lang sigurong nag-bago. Naging busy lang siguro ako sa trabaho.  Ngayon nga lang, nag-palit ako ng bedsheets, kinuha ang mga … More Happy 2020!

I am goal-less.

For a time, I thought contentment is the answer to where I am right now. I hate comparing my timeline to others. Most especially since having a kid seems to be so difficult whenever we most want it. I thought working-at-home, would be the best solution since I won’t get stressed with the commute, the … More I am goal-less.

On Free Writing

I’ve recently discovered a Thai series called Hormones: The Series on Netflix. I think I started watching it two weeks ago. I got so hooked with the story and now I’m on Season 3. I’ve been postponing watching Kdrama or Jdrama or any anime because I don’t want to read the subtitles. I can’t multitask … More On Free Writing

Small Victories 12

Hello, safe space! First of all, good morning! Before I took a bath, I was internally begging myself to get some sleep for a few hours or reschedule a pre-interview requirement. It’s a good thing I took a cold shower and drank a cup of hot coffee because I need to wake up. It’s my … More Small Victories 12

Life Lately

It’s been a while! 2019 has been quite slow for me. Probably because I’ve been idle for almost a month and all I did was stay at home and prepare some food, do some laundry, record receipts, walk around and sleep. Hey! This is what I wanted and I’m not complaining but it gets dull … More Life Lately

Begin Again

I haven’t had a decent sleep ever since I resigned last December 14. That’s because I’ve been preparing my husband’s breakfast and packed lunch every morning. The only time I get to sleep is when he goes to work or on weekdays. There’s a lot going on in the new house as well. We just … More Begin Again

Reset 2019

It’s the second day of the new year! Here I am, testing my writing skills after almost three weeks of not writing anything. People all over social media are bidding their goodbyes to 2018 and thanking it for a wonderful year. Some are cursing it and thanking it for being over. Some want to forget … More Reset 2019

Small Victories 11

Last day of the working week. Woke up, prepared, Grabbed, wasn’t late. Stepped on a cat’s shit and tried my best to clean my right shoe. Had a regular class with a Korean student who was working in Japan for 22 years. I’m so happy! I love Koreans! A major thing to celebrate today is that … More Small Victories 11