KOREAN FOOD: Kyochon Chicken and Mr. Park’s

Woohoo!!! This is the last entry for my backlog! I'm so glad that I'm finally free from it!! :)) For this post, I will be talking about the ever famous Kyochon Chicken and Mr. Park's! Both restaurants serve delicious Korean food. Once again, this is not a paid advetisement.  I will start with Mr. Park's first. (Redundant … Continue reading KOREAN FOOD: Kyochon Chicken and Mr. Park’s


Le Miél Café et Pâtisserie

Just like what I wrote in Plana's last week, it was my colleague, Lily, who told me about this cafe. I'm glad that I met her and she recommended these restaurants to me. The restaurants that she suggested are very cute, cozy, comfortable and relaxing. I would like to discover more restaurants in the future … Continue reading Le Miél Café et Pâtisserie