1st Monday 2/8/2016

Happy Lunar New Year! It's time for me to blog again and update! YEY! I've been pretty busy with life. I don't have any other excuses except for my lack of time to really give much thought to writing and thinking about what to blog about. I have been busy with work, planning for my … Continue reading 1st Monday 2/8/2016


Goals For 2016: A Semi-New Year’s Resolution

SOURCE: http://ournestingplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Screen-Shot-2015-12-13-at-3.40.47-PM.png

A year ago, I posted a blog about not having a New Year's Resolution. I read it again and realized that I still believe in what K Brosas said on her Instagram post. Change shouldn't be a fad every January 1. It should be a start of your vow to yourself. If you want to change, … Continue reading Goals For 2016: A Semi-New Year’s Resolution