Goals For 2016: A Semi-New Year’s Resolution

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A year ago, I posted a blog about not having a New Year's Resolution. I read it again and realized that I still believe in what K Brosas said on her Instagram post. Change shouldn't be a fad every January 1. It should be a start of your vow to yourself. If you want to change, … Continue reading Goals For 2016: A Semi-New Year’s Resolution


Leap of Faith

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I'm going to reach my goal. Finally, an opportunity for me has come. I am now considering to apply for the teamleader position of our company. I remember thinking about it and listing it in my goals for this year. Yeah, I'd like to be promoted, who doesn't? Of course, there are questions and doubts, … Continue reading Leap of Faith

Things I want to start in April.

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 exercise / gym / limit chips and soft drinks office mp2 of students budgeting! PLDT. Meralco, Smart and Globe .... food expenses and groceries hopefully no other debts from the office attendance! Sleep early and wake up early Reading more, blogging more, 🙂 u107 remodeling finish a Wattpad story watch UDD in Saguijo watch Cheats … Continue reading Things I want to start in April.