Komikon 2016

(This entry was first seen on http://www.cheskinita.com) More than a month has passed since we went to Komikon 2016 at Bayanihan Center. Ino and I were very excited to go to Komiket and Komikon. We were so excited that we missed Komiket 2016 because we thought that it was a two-day event. We went on … Continue reading Komikon 2016


Komiket 2015 – 10/3/2015

Photos taken using my LG G3 camera. More photos HERE!   This post is long overdue. I am not a huge fan of comic books, unlike Ino. Actually going to Komiket was his idea. I don't know much about comics or Filipino comics in general. I am not quite familiar with the who's who of Filipino comics. … Continue reading Komiket 2015 – 10/3/2015