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Here are random stuff from reminders, what transpired today and my second TV Series review.

DISCLAIMER: My personal review for this TV series is based on my personal character preferences or biases, book recognition, and movie adaptation. I wasn’t paid to make a review for the said program.

Ino downloaded Shadowhunters (The Mortal instrument’s City of Bones TV series) recently and we’re supposed to be on our 4th episode. We haven’t watched it yet because we were sidetracked by other things. I think he got intrigued by it because we’ve seen the The Mortal instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare as a movie before.


Shadowhunters by Freeform
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones produced by Constantin Film Produktion GmbH and Don Carmody Productions
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones produced by Constantin Film Produktion GmbH and Don Carmody Productions



I have been reading tons of YA series and frankly, I already forgot the plot of this series. All i know is that I was on the 2nd book (City of Ashes) already and I wasn’t able to finish it. That’s why it’s included in my goals for this year. So speaking of goals, I really have to start from the 1st book because I totally forgot who’s who and what the storyline is about. I guess I got too overwhelmed by the instalments for the Mortal Instruments that’s why I didn’t get to finish it.

I was actually disappointed that they didn’t cast the same actors from the movie in the TV series. My first impression was that all the characters on the TV series weren’t as interesting as those in the movie and even in my imagination. In my opinion, if they are aiming for a ruggedly handsome lead, they shouldn’t have changed the actor in the first place.

UPDATED: I forgot to mention a positive feedback which I only realized as Ino and I were watching Episode 4 and Episode 5.


Godfrey Gao (TMI: CoB) vs. Harry Shum, Jr. (Shdowhunters)


Godfrey Gao as Magnus Bane in the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie.


Magnus Bane in the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones the movie was so-so. I’m obviously not a fan of Godfrey Gao. In my opinion, he could pass as Magnus Bane and I can just forget him as soon as the movie finishes. His fashion style was a giveaway that he’s gay. It is part of the book and the story and there’s nothing wrong with that. But for me, his portrayal to the character in the movie was just barely there. He has a significant role in the series and the movie but he wasn’t as intriguing as the others. He has the edgy look and he was age appropriate, as he is mature and was supposed to be on the same age group with Jocelyn Fray.


Harry Shum, Jr. as Magnus Bane in the Shadowhunters TV series


However, it was a revelation, when I heard about Harry Shum, Jr. a.k.a Mike Chang of GLEE portray Magnus Bane in the Shadowhunters TV series.

Perhaps it became interesting because Harry Shum, Jr. is familiar to me. Perhaps it’s because I know that he can transition from a GLEE club member to another Asian who will represent a major role in  a series. No, not being a racist here. It’s just that, Magnus Bane is clearly an Asian in the book and Freeform made a good decision in choosing Harry Shum, Jr. as an addition to the TV series.

Harry is fresher and younger. I still have doubts though if he can portray the character effectively. If I’m going to base my first impression on his character for the past three episodes, I can say that he can’t be the same age as the mother of Clary but he can be a good romantic partner for Alec.

He and the actor who portrays Alec Lightwood in Shadowhunters add a comic relief in the series. They can be effective in some way and they can actually add flavor to the series. I actually like the actor who portrays Alec in the TV series.

They actually did great in choosing Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood in the TV series. He’s more handsome and fresh looking than Kevin Zegers in TMI:CoB. He was the only character that I approved of when I watched the pilot of the Shadowhunters. I think Kevin Zegers in the TMI:COB was pretty mature for the role, but considering he is Isabelle’s brother, I supposed that it’s okay.


Matthew Daddario (Shadowhunters) vs. Kevin Zegers (TMI: CoB)
Kevin Zegers (TMI:CoB) vs Matthew Daddario (Shadowhunters)


Matthew Daddario a.k.a Alec Lighwood, is one of the reasons why I’m still watching this series. Aside from him, I also look forward to Magnus Banes’ story arc and importance in the series. So far they are the only reasons why I am watching this show.


Jemima West (TMI: CoB) bs. Emeraude Toubia (Shadowhunters)


On the other hand, I prefer Jemima West (TMI:CoB movie actress) better than Emeraude Toubia. Emeraude is beautiful and she is a good actress. Considering her role as someone who needs to seduce other downworlders to help Clary, I think Freeform did a good job in casting her. However, as for my personal opinion, Jemima West could do more justice as Isabelle Lightwood in the TV series.


Jemima West (TMI: CoB)


Emeraude Toubia (Shadowhunters)


Isabelle Lightwood in Shadowhunters is very sexy to the point that she can be a pornstar already. It actually makes me think that Ino wants to watch it because of how provocative this character looks with her slutty outfit. But it’s not a big deal because I know that Freeform is just following the books and it’s also their subtle way to show the defunct ABC Family that they can attract more viewers if they make the characters more interesting.

I’m still not a fan of this series but it can motivate me to read the book more. The episode 5 reminds me heavily of The Vampire Diaries TV series. I’m also not a fan of TVD and didn’t finish the first season. I also didn’t read the book because I find the story too cheesy.

Anyway, back to Shadowhunters, here comes my rants for the characters portraying in the TV series:


Different actors on the second pic?
Okay they look good here but they don’t have the same appeal in the TV series

Jace should be ruggedly handsome but the Jace on the TV series clearly doesn’t have that vibe. Like, what the heck is that guy doing there? Or maybe he’s just not my type. I hope that they would develop the other characters more.


Robert Sheehan (TMI: City of Bones movie) vs. Alberto Rosende (Shadowhunters TV series)


Simon on the TV series looks too matured; While if you watch the TMI:CoB the movie you would see how young and fresh Robert Sheehan was. Because I would really consider Simon as Clary’s geeky bestfriend if it was Robert and not Alberto in the TV series.


Katherine Mcnamara as Clary Fray in Shadowhunters


Taylor Momsen Gossip Girl’s Jenny Humphrey (can’t find other photos with the resemblance but you get the point.

Clary Fray on the series looks like a Jenny Humphrey rip off. Enough said. She’s pretty but she has that cheerleader vibe. Not that I hate cheerleaders.

I hope this TV series will still improve. Moreover, I’m still willing to watch it even if I haven’t finished reading the books yet. I don’t personally hate the actors. I just hate that the TV series didn’t cast the same characters in the movie. It would have been better.

I guess they also considered new faces for the TV series. They might have considered their budget too. I dunno. Perhaps it’s because of the movie or TV series rights, or probably it’s the producer’s call. I’m not sure but I hope thst I’d get to fall in love with these characters after a few episodes or before its mid-season break.

DISCLAIMER: I’m pretty much biased about this because I liked the movie and it made me read a couple of books. This post is just about my opinion. I haven’t watched any reviews or read some feedbacks about the series ‘though. I’m just not a fan of the chosen actors and actresses. It would have been better though, if they have chosen an actor or an actress to portray the same role for a better recall or a small nod to the movie.

All in all I give this TV series a 2 out of 5 rating. I will continue watching it but I don’t think that I will want to watch it as soon as it airs or as soon as it is available in the Philippines.

**Credits to the owners of the photos. These photos were taken from Google Images.**

So since I am going circles… let’s talk about a different topic!

I’d like to personally congratulate myself for uploading a new signature that I will be using starting tonight. 🙂

I just noticed that my boosters for my plan are redundant and weird. I had it changed this evening but I still have to wait for about a day for the changes to happen. Globe’s GServices kept on closing when I’m trying to use it. It sucks. 😦

Oh, I forgot to call the church about my affidavit! I was very busy this afternoon that it slipped my mind. :O

Anyway, I’ve got to hit the sack because I still have to work tomorrow! 🙂



Sunday Wrap Up, 8/23/2015

And…. I’m back!  I’m sorry for not updating this blog as often as I should. It’s August 24, and here I am blaming my muse for not writing anything. Oh! It was just a week but it felt like I’ve been doing tons of stuff lately.

I had a shitty week and to be more apt, it was the most depressing three weeks that I had. A lot has happened which lead to many decision makings and some stuff that I am regretting and might regret in a couple of weeks.

To update you guys…

I already passed my resignation a couple of weeks ago. I resigned in my OT due to my depression because of not getting the Team Leader post. I’m not bitter about it anymore but I’ve realized things and it was not good.

I felt that the job is taking too much of my time and I’m missing living my life as a twenty-six-year-old girl. I’ve been working my ass off for the past 2 and a half years and it’s not really healthy. I feel so burnt out.

If I can be totally honest, I can say that I’m not happy with my job anymore. (Phew! That took a long time to admit! And a lot of energy to put into writing.) I can’t find another place to move in so for the mean time, I’m slowly cutting back on my working hours. If this dissatisfaction will still persist, I might resort to another life changing decision. But, maybe not today but soon, it will come.

I realized that I shouldn’t care much about the people, about my surroundings, about taking the job and the career too seriously. I guess, my being passionate about the job got the best of me and it really wore me out. It was not just the physical labor that’s exhausting. It was more of the feeling of being with people that you thought mattered to you. Only to realize that they are not the people that you thought they are. It sucks.

Suddenly, it’s like high school again, with all the drama and the crazy things. It’s a good thing that I get to get out of that toxic work life as soon as I can. I know that I’m resilient but my being resilient can only take so much. And I’m no robot or anything close to that.

I decided to detach myself to people who are toxic to me and I don’t regret it. If for anything, I feel glad and relieved. In fact, I can concentrate better on my job and I can focus on more important things.

The IT guy in our office blocked most of the websites and it sucks. I used to spend some of my free time reading gossip sites and blog when I can, when suddenly everything was cut back. It really pisses me off but I know that I can’t do anything about it. I guess, I just have to move on and do whatever it is that I can and that leads me to…. READING!!!


Because I already closed my Smart Bro account. So, I can’t access the internet anymore because I am also reducing my expenses. In fact, I came up with this decision since I decided to quit earlier than expected. (I was suppose to quit on November but I decided to pass the resignation hastily a couple of weeks ago.)

To make the ends meet, I decided to keep my weekend OT, but I’m really contemplating about giving it up as well. It finally dawned on me that I don’t need to earn a lot of money because it only pays my debts. And speaking of debts, I already cleared my debt with Ms. Judy. I have been quite successful in not purchasing anything in her store that will resort to having debts every payday. So that’s a YAY! It also means that I’m not buying any snacks or instant food, soda or anything aside from the food that I order for my brunch and dinner break.

I’m hoping that in that way, I can cut my expenses because I don’t need to pay twice as much every cut off. Of course, I’m still experimenting and I’m still unsure if I can really save up, but I’m crossing my fingers because I’ve been sacrificing a lot for this.

It’s not just the diet. It also helps me to become more disciplined. Although I tend to eat imported snacks on weekends, I try to even it out by just drinking water all the time. So far, I had avoided chocolate bars as well. Except when we ate Churros with choco dip and some sinful ice creams. Sinful, because I tend to forget that I should stop eating chocolates but I still end up eating it.

Anyway, my last day will be on September 4. I am excited! I can’t wait for the day where I’m gonna work for just 8 hours and not 10 hours!! I’m ecstatic!

Well, enough of my depressing August. It’s not yet over but a lot has happened. I know that most of the time, I prefer to just skip it and not write about it because it upsets me more, but as days go by and everything has been accepted… of course, I know that I should remind myself of the reasons that affected me and helped me grow in the process.


So, in my last Sunday Currently, I wrote that I was on Chapter 8 of The One by Kiera Cass.

I became so obsessed with the books in a matter of days and watched tons of book reviews on YouTube. It is also one of the reasons why I can’t update (aside from the PLL season 6 summer finale.)

In a matter of days, I was able to finish The Heir, The Prince, The Guard, and The Queen. The Favorite and the fifth installment of The Selection series will be released in October and next year so I still need to wait some months and a few more.

I’m currently reading the Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. I’m on page 58!! Slowly getting hooked here. I’ve been jumping from Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi to this book to City of Ashes (which I was supposed to continue after the City of Bones movie) to Marked by PC Cast to Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green to Paper Towns by John Green to The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard to rereading The Fallen by Thomas Sniegoski to Thirst No. 2 or No. 3 by Christopher Pike.

I have a lot of catching up to do since I haven’t finished Christopher Pike’s Thirst series and Thomas Sniegoski’s Fallen. I haven’t finished Insurgent yet and I’ve already watched the movie. I have tons of books to read but I’m slowly getting there. I have to get back on reading because it’s helpful and more relaxing. I hope that I’d get to finish another series before the month ends! 🙂

I also admit that I had a hard time choosing which book to read because my Moon Reader Pro had tons of books that I haven’t touched in ages. Which reminds me that, I deleted some files because I haven’t bought a micro SD card yet for my tablet. And since I don’t have an internet connection on both phone and tablet, I just resorted to updating my MRP library and fill it with different e-books. I can’t wait to get my hands on some Dystopian, Vampire and Fallen Angel themed series again. And I have a lot of time to spare since I don’t want to interact with negative people in the office anymore! So, YAY to the very introverted me.

Yes. I tend to be very distant and indifferent when I started hating or disliking someone. Most especially if I’ve known the person for quite a while and I misjudged her because I thought I could trust her with who I am. I guess, I’m not just born to be a plastic after all. If they can’t accept me for who I am, I don’t care. I won’t give them the satisfaction to get through me and be friendly with me anymore. I’m just being indifferent because I really don’t care about whatever she thinks about me.

The funny thing is, she’s trying to label me as the bad one, when she opens her mouth and discriminates another, thinking that she’s nice, pretty and perfect like that. Well, good luck to her. This will be the last that she’ll hear or read from me.

Anyway, yeah, I may or may not be bad. If you want to think that I am bad, then so be it.

This year, I apologized to some people because I wanted to be the bigger person. I want to be mature but I realized that I’ve been apologizing to people who don’t deserve it so they won’t be getting anything from me anymore.

I can be bad. Or if you think you know me, then yeah, I AM BAD. However, I’m not a hypocrite, so don’t mislabel me.

Latest (The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead)

What are you currently reading?

The last three chapters of The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead.

Where do you usually do your reading?

Mostly, I like reading in a quiet place. I can’t study when I’m in a crowded place or even focus when people are talking around me. So, coffeeshops don’t work for me. I like reading at home before I sleep. It has been a habit already. I tend to concentrate better and imagine the scenes before I doze off so that’s the best place for me. Plus, when I feel sleepy I can just turn off the tab and put it away and sleep.

What are you listening to right now?

I was just browsing on Spotify when I came across this music: What You Love You Must Love Now by The Six Parts Seven under the album Everywhere and Right Here. 🙂

The one movie that you can’t stop watching over and over?

Freaky Friday starring Lindsay Lohan.



I am Divergent


First of all, I’d like to thank Raymond for sharing this Divergent test!

I just woke up when I answered this test and I’m quite surprised to see this result.

I’m a Divergent? Erudite and Dauntless? Wait what? I thought I’d be under Candor or Dauntless but Erudite? WHAT?

Haha.. Darn. I have to reread this book. I totally mixed up the factions. Yeah, I agree. I’m an Erudite and a Dauntless. Sorry! In some ways I am also a Candor, an Abnegation and an Amity. But I’m in the middle of an Erudite and Dauntless.

I chose a guidebook over a camera. I don’t like crowds and hyped places, movies, people, etc. Well, that’s what I can remember from the test. And speaking of the test, you may take it HERE.

Well, I’m quite out of the loop these days because it’s been a long time since I watched a movie in the theater. Most of the time, Ino and I choose watching movies at home and binge-ing on TV series every weekends. So, yeah. I haven’t seen this movie yet.

Personally, I liked Divergent more than The Hunger Games. I said that because I have read Divergent and the 1st half of Insurgent. However, I haven’t read The Hunger Games trilogy yet and I guess I don’t have any plans. But I’ve seen The first three installments of The Hunger Games the movie and I like it!.

Probably, it’s because I’ve been lagging on reading. I haven’t finished The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead yet. I was planning to reread The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare before rereading Insurgent. However, reading the Mortal Instruments is a long read because it’s a long series with different sequels.

Anyway, I hope I can still appreciate the movie even if it’s been a long time since I read the books and watched the first movie. So, I’ll just keep you posted soon. 🙂


My Book Reading Habits

Now I’m back to my regular programming. Writing blogs here and there, reading e-books, listening to music. These are my usual weekend routine when I’m not watching TV or watching some series or some movies.

Oh, I finished Pandemonium, Hana, Annabel, Requiem, Raven and Alex too! I bought Alex by Lauren Oliver and The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead on Google Play a week ago. It was good but expensive.

I couldn’t get over that the Delirium series is over. It was a good read. It was very good that I had a hard time in transitioning from Alex and Lena’s dystopian world back to Sydney and Adrian’s vampiric world.

That’s why I switch to City of Bones by Cassandra Clare from time to time. I miss the action more than the romance part of the book.



Re: Delirium TV Movie


The curiosity killed the cat. And I’m the cat.

I just finished watching the pilot episode of Delirium. Yep, thanks to Hulu and the torrent gods, I was able to watch it. Even if it was released for a limited time only.

Watch out for spoilers!

I rate this pilot ♡♡♡♡ hearts and not stars because I don’t have stars in my Android keyboard. :]

I totally agree with Marissa M’s comments. I actually wished that I never discovered this pilot episode. Delirium’s story was mesmerizing. It caught me. I’m hooked. I wish there’s a second episode. I wish Hulu got more episodes. :[

In my defense, the pilot was just right for me. I was able to read Delirium (book 1) and Pandemonium (book 2) and it helped me to understand the pacing of the story. I haven’t finished reading Pandemonium but watching this show made me want to continue reading the book more. In fact, I have only read a few chapters but I understand the story. I can say that I don’t get the other characters because I honestly don’t know them or I haven’t read about them yet. And a part of me missed Grace, Aunt Carol and Jenny because they were not shown in the Pilot.

They actually chose a different plot. I understand that it’s because they can’t copy the whole book. And they also have to change some things because they need to attract the readers and supporters of the show. It’s not a problem for me.

It actually helped me understand and visualize the fences and the Crypts. There are other scenes that are clearer now and that I can visualize thanks to the show though they changed some of it.

At first, I was hesitant to watch it because it must be scary or gore or something… (because of the raid and other raid related scenes) but I was wrong.

What sets me off is that, in the show the characters can touch each other but in the books they can’t.


As for the artists, Emma Roberts gave Lena Haloway justice. Although, in my opinion Hana should be blonde. Alex didn’t seem like Alex for me. Julian was okay. But… I haven’t finished the books yet so I can’t really say.

I just wish that there’s a follow up because I liked it. They combined Pandemonium and Delirium in the Pilot and it makes sense. It’s beautiful. It’s a little rushed but it was the kind of rush that I enjoyed.

I love how they narrated Delirium. Delirium’s show was fun. The narration was okay with me. I guess, you need to read the book somehow to understand the story. And perhaps they can still expand it and narrate it if they were given a chance.

I just… I just wish that another producer will pick it up or make it a movie. :[

Re: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

So I already finished Delirium by Lauren Oliver today. I’m on the third chapter of Pandemonium already and I’m still hooked.

I got interested in the Love is a disease thing and the mere fact that the Romeo and Juliet thing was just real in a Dystopian setting.

I’ve been hooked in the Dystopian and Utopian Young Adult fiction these days that I started with the Matched Trilogy by Allie Condie, which I was able to finish. Followed by Divergent by Veronica Roth, which I unfortunately stopped reading at Insurgent because I find the plot too strong as of the moment. Then this… Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I hope I won’t be bored in this book. Because the game changer for me are the plot, the pace, the characters’ personalities, and how it was narrated.

I read some good reviews about Pandemonium and Requiem and they said that these books are more interesting than Delirium. I was captivated by the attack of the narration of Delirium. I didn’t know what I was in for. I just knew that Love is a disease and that the people in this story are interesting. It has the same feels with Matched for me. It’s a little familiar. I imagine Alex and Kyle. I find both characters connected. In my mind, they have similarities that made reading Delirium easier to understand.

Of course they are two different characters, like two different people, but that’s how I can relate to them.

I’ve also learnt that Delirium was adapted as a TV series but was not picked up by FOX. Starring Emma Roberts, Daren Kagasoff, Jeanine Mason and Gregg Sulkin. I have to see it before I pass my judgment on whether it’s good or not. I also read a certain question under Lauren Oliver’s Delirum’s page in Goodreads that the pilot was too fast-paced for the fans. According to the post, they squeezed the story in 40 minutes, which made the pilot episode too much to watch. They used the word ‘rushed’ and I have to see it before I agree or disagree.

I like reading Pandemonium. Most of the words are easy to understand and some of it are complex but it’s okay. I like how Lena narrates the scenes although I can’t imagine some scenes but that’s my problem, not Lauren’s.

I haven’t seen Before I fall or her other books but I like the Delirium Trilogy so far. I heard Before I Fall talks about death and I tend to steer clear of those kinds of books like John Green’s The Fault of The Stars. Hello cancer!

I can’t say that TFIOS and Delirium are the same, but it’s different in my opinion. I don’t regret that I chose this book. I’m not sure yet but maybe this will be my second favorite book after Richelle Mead’s The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines ( TVA’s spinoff.)

I’m the kind of reader who prefers interesting plots. I didn’t even know that I’m reading YA novels until I got hooked with TVA, Becca Fitzgerald’s Hush Hush series, Thomas Sniegoski’s Fallen series, Lauren Kate’s The Fallen, and the Thirst series by Christopher Pike.

Oh, I also liked Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series even before it became overrated in the Philippines. I guess, that was the first series that I enjoyed. It was introduced by my cousin, who was in high school at that time. She likes talking about it and we became close because of that. I guess, I became in love with fantasy series because of Twilight and I have to give that book the credit.