When Simple Is Not That Simple


How do you define simplicity? What is simple to you?

My definition of simplicity may be waaaaay too different than yours and here’s why.

I want things simple. That’s what I said to Ino about our wedding. I want a simple married life, a simple wedding and a simple website. However, I’m really struggling with how I want to execute the simplicity in my visions.

When I told Ino about wanting a simple married life, I envisioned that we will just get by with whatever we have and have a simple lifestyle. When we were planning about our wedding and how simple our wedding will be, I realized that I can actually settle for little things. However, when we were looking for the church I told him that I want an old church. I told him that I want to walk down a long aisle. When we were talking about the gowns, I told him that I want specific designs. However, my definition of simple is not really simple because I am into specific things. I guess, this is the proof that I’m really high maintenance and my definition of simple is far from simple.

I have been thinking about what to do with my new domain. I told him that I want something simple. I envisioned my theme to be just black and white with a side bar and a header.

When he asked me if I want a Theme-centric or a Plug In-centric website, of course I don’t really know what those jargon are. He explained every little detail to me and I can’t remember the differences any more. What I just remembered was that he suggested for me to have the Plug-in centric. Since, he is my programmer / web developer / future husband, I trust him.

I told him what I want to see and have on my own website. I’m actually thinking of having my regular blog with some adverts. Much like this one or the one I have in Tumblr but more specific. He told me to write down the things that I want so I did as soon as we got home.

I started doing my list even if I was very sick. I was very excited because it’s going to be my first website and I’m really looking forward to it. My list was very elaborate. I really wrote down everything that I want, how I want it to look, and every little detail on my website as well.

There are simple worries and set backs ‘though. Knowing that I’m just an ordinary person. I’m not a daughter of any celebrity or someone famous. I often find inspirations on their websites and posts, make up reviews, etc. They have a huge following but my WordPress and Tumblr followers are very few compared to theirs. Who would be interested to read my thoughts, perspectives and experiences? I’m just a dot in the crowd but I’m willing to take the plunge.

If any of my followers is reading this, I hope to see you on my new home. 🙂 Thank you for making my WordPress stay worthwhile.


A New Home



I’ve been contemplating on what URL to choose for my own domain in case, Ino will buy me a whole year of my own domain and hosting site.

I have been dreaming of having one but not really aiming to have one. I’m quite contented with my WordPress and Tumblr blog and I like my dashboards.

When the opportunity presented itself, I think I would just consider one of my previous URLs and use it.

Hello Nuffnang and other ads! Hello commercial blogging! Hello sponsored posts (hopefully!) Hello unboxings! Hello to a new level of business minded ideas! Hahaha!

I think I will have a better way to post reviews using my own legit voice (vernacular and English media/mediums.) Then, I won’t need to post my own signature in each post. It can be more personal and less formal.

It’s still a plan. Ino and I haven’t bought a domain or a hosting site yet. It’s an idea that I’m willing to venture on. I’m not really the type who can express my ideas in a large number of audiences that’s why I prefer to write for myself. Who knows? Maybe in an unexpected moment, I will find my own niche. Cheers!

Hello Nuffnang!

I have deleted several of my Tumblr accounts. I have abandoned my longest running account because my current theme doesn’t support Nuffnang’s ads. Heck, I even have a newly made WordPress account.

I just realized that it has been a bad habit to break. What is it? It’s making a blog every end of the year or the start of the year. It’s a cycle.

I always enjoy writing and updating in the first few months. Then, I can be easily get distracted by other websites or hobbies or tasks. It’s consuming me. I’ve made several excuses from writing or updating a story on Wattpad, watching my newly discovered series or continuing where I left off. I even make reading e-books as an excuse. But that’s me and my reality.

I often find myself writing things everyday and doing a challenge (then I remembered that I didn’t put the caption to my #100happydays challenge.) from time to time but then I always find some excuses to stop.

Generally, I stopped writing rants. I stopped writing things about my fellow bloggers. I stopped writing things about my observations and my sarcastic remarks. I stopped writing about my personal relationshits. Blogging is therapeutic. But it also takes so much time.

Then, there’s this issue with having a muse. Where, losing a muse can be a deal breaker. Where it’s mid-year and you haven’t uploaded anything or posted any personal insights on your blog. It’s becoming abandoned overtime. Until your muse disappears into thin air. You’d try to find her, try to communicate with her.. but there will be other things that won’t let you write something about anything and that sucks.

Then here’s sleepiness and fatigue escorting you to dreamland. Perhaps, sensing a rant coming along… Good night!c