Without “Very”, A Limited Vocabulary?

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like reading on trains

Have you eliminated a word from your vocabulary?

My vocabulary isn’t great. While I have taken note of numerous words and phrases that I would like to use, either I do not remember them when I should or the opportunity to wield them has yet to present itself. A decrease in what little I already have sounds like a personal disservice.

Yet, since I came across a quote from the movie Dead Poets’ Society two years ago, I have consciously stopped using the word “very”. I still know its definition and function. At least, that is what I would like to believe. Though, frankly, there are moments when—despite being certain where to place it in a sentence—I second-guess what it means. Maybe that is what happens when you intentionally delete a word from your usage? Its clarity begins to dull and what you have left is a faint shadow.


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Book: Fresh Off the Boat

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"Fresh Off The Boat"

Assimilating ain’t easy. Eddie Huang was raised by a wild family of FOB (‘fresh off the boat’) immigrants–his father a cocksure restaurateur with a dark past back in Taiwan, his mother a fierce protector and constant threat. This is the story of a Chinese-American kid in a could-be-anywhere cul-de-sac blazing his way through America’s deviant subcultures, trying to find himself, ten thousand miles from his legacy and anchored only by his conflicted love for his family and his passion for food. Funny, moving, and stylistically inventive, Fresh Off the Boat is more than a radical re-imagining of the immigrant memoir–it’s the exhilarating story of every American outsider who finds his destiny in the margins.

Confession: I picked Fresh Off the Boat up because I am loving the ABC family-friendly version of the book that’s currently airing on television.

I had never actually seen the book before, and only…

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Book: Crazy Rich Asians

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"Crazy Rich Asians"

When American-born Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home and quality time with the man she hopes to marry. But Nick has failed to provide a few key details. One, that his childhood home looks like a palace. Two, that he grew up riding in more private planes that cans. Three, that he just happens to be the country’s most eligible bachelor.

On Nick’s arm, Rachel may as well have a target on her back the second she steps off the plane, and soon, her relaxed vacation turns into an obstacle course of old money, new money, nosy relatives, and scheming social climbers.

Here’s the thing with the Chinese– No matter where you are, if you were not born and raised in Mainland China, you pretty much get the same upbringing as every other Chinese…

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FM Class: Live and Loud | Anthromorphism Exercise

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like reading on trains

What if Philippine FM radio stations were students in a college class?

I imagine the class to be the liveliest around, what with everyone opinionated and raring to talk. The door ajar is big enough a crack to let the noise and energy out to the corridor and the ground. Hearing them from the outside doesn’t seem enough. It’s like you want to be in their midst, to see them live and loud from the inside.

  • Jam 88.33 is one of the younger and angstier kids of the class. All thanks to puberty, he discovered the color black plus his personal issues and now rages about them. His passion makes him more interesting, though his delves into the underworld makes him weird-sounding.
  • Wave 89.1 is that guy who has a solid wall for a body. He was weaned exclusively on imported stuff and food brought over from trips abroad. And…

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Oreo Balls

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Mystery Cloud

Okay, I learned this recipe from a friend who has a sweet tooth. And due to lack of imagination what to do the whole day, I decided to make her choco chewey balls. But I’m going to call mine Oreo Balls.

This one’s gonna be easy and messy.

  1. Get 1 pack of oreo.
  2. Scrape all the filling. We only need the cookies.
  3. Crush the cookies until fine. A food processor makes this easier.
  4. Put in a bowl and mix with condensed milk.
  5. Then shape into small balls. HAHA
  6. Set aside and chill for 30-60 mins.
  7. OPTIONAL: Roll in desiccated coconut.
  8. They taste best when chilled.

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The 14 Songs That Defined My 2014

Will listen l8r

Pusang Gala

In my old blog, I would make a list of songs every December just because it’s fun making lists. So here I am again with another list. But I don’t see myself as a music expert so I’m not going to attempt to compile what are the best in the music landscape of the past 12 months. In fact, some of the songs have been released even before 2014.

Instead, this list is my soundtrack of 2014. These are songs that, for one reason or another, have etched themselves into my mind that whenever I hear them, I remember certain personal events that happened this year. In other words, this list is composed of songs that — for better or worse — tend to get played often enough to latch onto my memory.

So, let’s get this started.

1. Chinito – Yeng Constantino

What Exactly It Reminds Me Of And…

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