On Free Writing

I’ve recently discovered a Thai series called Hormones: The Series on Netflix. I think I started watching it two weeks ago. I got so hooked with the story and now I’m on Season 3.

I’ve been postponing watching Kdrama or Jdrama or any anime because I don’t want to read the subtitles. I can’t multitask when I’m watching Kdrama or Jdrama. Yet, I find myself watching this Thai series.

Thai have a different accent and intonation. Unlike watching Kdrama where you can understand the story without reading the subtitle word per word, you need to read the subtitles when you watch Thai series to not miss out on the story. Koreans speak with so much passion that their tone and facial expression make the show easy to understand. Or perhaps I’m already used to it since I’ve taught Koreans most of my career. 




I’ve been procrastinating on running or walking consistently. The weather, preparing and cooking dinner, doing laundry, and just watching TV are some of my excuses in not following up.



It feels good to be writing again. Even if I don’t really know what to say or if I have anything to say. Hmmm… what’s my latest brain fart? I’ve been trying to update my Wattpad stories but it doesn’t feel organic. I need to clear my mind to write better. But, what do I really want to say in this format?

How’s my state of mind? Has my writing style changed? I have to admit, I have been procrastinating on reading my favorite fiction series too. When I have the time, I try to watch English movies or series on Netflix or listen to podcasts.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my podcast. I can’t think of a new topic to talk about and I can’t suggest a new topic on our couple podcast aside from the draft that I’ve written on my notebook early this year. Perhaps, we will settle with movie reviews on iWant.


In other news, our new neighbor has been so noisy. I am going to make baked mac later. I also want to run.

So much to do!

I still have one class left before my shift ends.

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