I may have contributed to the death of blogging

Oh, hey!

I can’t believe it has been 5 months since I’ve posted anything here!

My last update was around February. It was also the month when I started applying for jobs online, got accepted as a home-based tutor, and updated my government status and contributions.

Work has been doing well and I was able to live a debt free life so far. Most of my small victories are based on my life decisions ever since I chose the working housewife role.

Months passed and I kind of adjusted to this new lifestyle. For five months, juggling my online job, being a housewife, and adulting, has become my normal routine.

I’m grateful to God that everything worked for me.  I had to admit, it wasn’t easy but I don’t regret anything. Everything is difficult at the beginning, but I’m glad that I’ve adjusted to this new lifestyle and it makes me happy.

Sometimes I miss working at the office. But it negates the feeling when I think about the hassle of finding a ride, commuting, the travel time to and from work or home, and the work environment.


The big difference between doing the things you love at home and doing the things you love in an office, is that you get to do other important things.

As for me, I get to enjoy going to the wet market or the supermarket to buy some groceries before cooking. Doing house chores also takes the boredom away. These past few months taught me to cook five or more new dishes. I was also able to squeeze in an hour of walking and occasional running from time to time.

I may not have chosen the corporate world for my professional advancement, but I’ve learned that I can do so much more with my time and my skills. I can’t wait to find out what else I can do more. It’s only July, I still have five more months to improve myself and discover new skills and form new habits.



What about you? What have you been doing lately?


Can we catch up?




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