Life Lately

It’s been a while!

2019 has been quite slow for me. Probably because I’ve been idle for almost a month and all I did was stay at home and prepare some food, do some laundry, record receipts, walk around and sleep. Hey! This is what I wanted and I’m not complaining but it gets dull sometimes.

Honestly, I really like the new place that we moved into. The ambiance, the people, the facilities that go along with it, and the quietness of the place make it great. It was so great that it took me almost a month to finally settle in the work room.

Not having a stable connection kept me from typing my thoughts away and pour my heart out on my laptop. I steered away from the work room for weeks because I wasn’t in the mood to write anything sensible. Aside from that, not having a decent connection for over a month is kinda frustrating for someone who writes or blogs. At least, for me. That’s the biggest excuse I can think of whenever I try to sit on my chair and type my thoughts away.

Instead of writing, I make it a point to walk for at least 5 lapses or 10 if I could. Trying to sweat it out and hopefully lose a few pounds if I do it regularly. Also, making most of my time waiting before I start applying for a job again.

The fear of actually not knowing what to do and failing miserably haunts me. I’m so scared to get back on track. The idea of not landing a job scares the shit out of me.

In other news…

Today, I fucked up my body clock once more as I waited for the Sky Broadband technician to come by and install our internet. It finally arrived and was successfully installed this afternoon. While waiting for the technician, my mom dropped by and we spent time in the condo. together. I cooked spaghetti for her and we bought some bread to match with it. She went home afterwards.

The only time I got to sleep was when she went home. Lately I get a minimum of 3 hours of sleep and 5 hours maximum. My sleep deprived body and my erratic sleeping patterns will soon drive me crazy. Despite the nice place and the quietness, I still can’t get myself to sleep in normal hours. Call it insomnia, I think I’m abusing my body clock and it’s not good.

The need and want to be up in the morning and manage being awake at night in preparation for my part-time job makes it difficult. I’ve been restless ever since and probably because I haven’t used much of my brain ever since we moved in. Kidding. I’ve used my brain for thinking of what to cook for breakfast/lunch/dinner or whatever is needed in the kitchen or in the house. If you’d ask me, I’ve done a pretty good job at cooking and learning new dishes that I must actually tick that off to my 2019 goals. I’m still looking forward to more successful dishes in the future, ‘though.

It’s already 3:11 AM and my brain is fried.

Here’s to looking forward to sensible topics to write about and small victories to celebrate in the days to come.

This might be the only time I’m gonna say this in my blog, but 2019 please be a better year for me!

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