Begin Again

I haven’t had a decent sleep ever since I resigned last December 14. That’s because I’ve been preparing my husband’s breakfast and packed lunch every morning. The only time I get to sleep is when he goes to work or on weekdays.

There’s a lot going on in the new house as well. We just moved to a condo. in Pasig and it’s very spacious and homey. It’s quite relaxing to be away from the loudness of the city and our neighbors in Mandaluyong.

Now, I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing chores and tidying things. I cook and wash the dishes 75% of the time. Oh wait, let’s make it 60% of the time. 30% of the time I’m doing laundry and 10% I do other things.

I’ve been planning to write and update my blogs but I’ve been so preoccupied with everything. This is so new that I’m trying to take my time in executing my plans to exercise, walk or jog and do other errands. I’m salivating the freedom and the time for myself. A breather. The best excuse I can think of for leaving a better life at my former company.

I want to go back to work ‘though. I am still waiting for PLDT to transfer our line here so that I can start working already. I need the money. I need to pay my bills and of course, I cannot do that if I don’t have a wired connection. Globe has been doing better than the first night but it’s not stable enough for my job applications.

Also, there are still a few boxes that need to be cleared. We’re 80% done with the unpacking. And there are a lot of things that need to be done. Hopefully, things will get settled before February or March. Keeping my fingers crossed.

So, yay to new beginnings and a new year to start writing again. I’m hoping for a better writing year. Hopefully, I won’t just stare at the blinking cursor and start writing whatever is on my mind to de-stress. Even if I’m home alone, I still have things I want to vent or rant about or just share.

I’m very hopeful that this year would turn out better than last year. I’m hoping to accomplish more goals this year. I’m hoping to be less of a slacker and a better doer too.

May this year be fruitful and worth the effort. Cheers for another year to begin again or continue where we left off!!


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