Reset 2019

It’s the second day of the new year! Here I am, testing my writing skills after almost three weeks of not writing anything.

People all over social media are bidding their goodbyes to 2018 and thanking it for a wonderful year. Some are cursing it and thanking it for being over. Some want to forget it and start fresh.

Some are welcoming 2019 with open arms and hoping for a great year ahead. The 2018, please be good to me, is back at it again.

People are buying lucky charms and waiting for their yearly predictions again. I don’t understand how some people believe buying firecrackers is a waste of money but holds on to horoscopes for what the year will bring. It’s when some people buy firecrackers as part of tradition because they believe lighting firecrackers attract luck and drive away otherwise.

There’s a high demand for planners again. Planners that will be filled for a few months and discarded in the next. All thanks to coffee shops and their yearly quest for completed stickers.

New year’s resolution is all over social media too. I’m still drunk in sleep to ever think about what I want to change for the better. How about the things I want to keep and improve?

If I must say, 2018 was quite harsh. I’m one of those people who’s wishing for a better year. What I’ve learned is accepting things I can’t change. It’s one bitter pill that’s very hard to swallow most especially for a manipulative bitch like me.

For someone who likes to take control and micromanage everything, I’ve taken the past few weeks as the best time to relax and focus more on family time. Taking care of my husband and cooking for him is my current priority. Work has become a second priority since I resigned.

I can’t wait to start teaching again. I fear that I’m losing touch of what I’m so used to do and I still worry about my career choices. For now, all I know is I want to work at home for a few hours everyday. That earning money won’t be so easy as having an office-based job but I will get the hang of it. I must persevere.

I’m also looking forward to moving to our new abode. I’m excited to redecorate and enjoy the quietness of the place. I’m excited to work in a new environment and hopefully exercise regularly.

I’m hoping that once we’re settled, getting in shape would follow. A healthy lifestyle takes research and a lot of trial and error. It won’t be easy but I hope we can make it.

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