Small Victories 9 and 10

Woke up at 8, had a terrible headache last night. Slept, prepared for work, went to work by riding a ride hailing service, arrived early and had breakfast.

Borderline, don’t want to think about how people feel towards work. Also, I don’t care if they care about me or not. I can do things alone. Just fine.

14 days to go, Still a long way from vacation.

Maybe I could do something more productive with my blog. Start with tell me about yourself.

I can also work on my Sunday Currently and practice writing. Maybe work on pictures. More stories. More food / snacks to cook.

I want to apply already but I still need to work.

Things to get busy about:

  1. cooking and learning new dishes
  2. reading and writing
  3. job hunt
  4. organize
    1. bags
    2. clothes and clothes to give away
    3. things to donate/share
    4. what to do with old notebooks
    5. compile stories on notebooks
    6. organize bujo staff (start using Leuchtturm 1917)
    7. organize things to keep
    8. declutter e-mails

I feel like this day is gonna be super random.

More energy for, the closing spiel.

I eel like writing on a notebook is the safest space. Lurkers won’t get to read what’s on my mind if they can’t see what I’m typing or writing or doing.

Sure, they can see my monitor but they won’t get to read what’s on my mind. Unless they scan my notebook.

Maybe I can do some writing things.

Check out Nuffnang?

Random thought: Why should I make a proposal for something I won’t be concerned about anymore?

Feeling: Reluctant to join the planning things

So I spent half of my day planning the podcast. Subconsciously prepared a proposal for the pages.

Small Victories 10

Had a hard time waking up at 8. Prepared for work, Grabbed to work. Wasn’t late for today.

11 days still and it feels like time is really slow.

Excited to write about podcasts/events

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