Small Victories 11

Last day of the working week. Woke up, prepared, Grabbed, wasn’t late. Stepped on a cat’s shit and tried my best to clean my right shoe. Had a regular class with a Korean student who was working in Japan for 22 years. I’m so happy! I love Koreans!

A major thing to celebrate today is that I wasn’t late for the 2nd half of November! I wasn’t absent too. I’ll get paid more than the past 2 months of not really going to work on time or going to work at all. I survived!

I’m really excited to work at home. I’m going to binge watch KDramas.

There is no manual for being a housewife. It’s a vague concept for someone like me who grew up in a household that had housekeepers/housemaids/helpers. Doing chores was one of the things I hated back then. Lo and behold, who would have thought that that mindset changed because I’ve grown to like living in a clean place?

Now, I’m looking forward to doing grocery shopping, paying for my bills and taking care of our home. I remember Ino and I used to fight about that but it is now one of the reasons I’m resigning.

It may be frowned upon to just stay at home and focus on housework. In this day and age, working moms or wives are preferred. But, I’m shaking things up a bit. I’m testing the waters and entering uncharted territory. It’s nerve wracking. I’m so afraid to fail, but I’m willing to try.

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