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Social media has been a tricky space for me. I don’t really post things religiously like the others. I also don’t follow trends that much.

I dunno. Probably, it’s just me. Sometimes, I feel like there are important things that I should keep to myself and just savor in private. Posting everything online is quite dangerous and time consuming. It’s also something that I didn’t get used to.

Well, there was this Friendster era. When most of my friends are people I know or met online. People are closer at that time, I think. I also like Friendster’s blog feature. I can write my heart out and read other people’s blogs. By other people, I meant my exs. :))

Anyway, Facebook is quite different. The thought is there but it’s TMI. People can have the tendency to overshare their life or their opinions. I was guilty of that. For a time, I wrote about my family problems and other rants on my page. It was humiliating and embarrassing but that taught me something. Now, I know better.

Because of several reasons, I can say that I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.

I tried to be active and inactive on Facebook several times last year. However, the toxic environment made me quit for a long time.

I had several Facebook accounts but most of them are deactivated. Several? Yeah… Remember when Facebook still has Farmville and Restaurant City? I made several accounts because of that. I like making new accounts for games; just like how I love making new blogs from time to time.

Well… I opened one of my old accounts this afternoon. Not because I want to play any games. I opened this account to stay away from the toxic friends I added on my most used Facebook account.

I was supposed to update my info and back up some photos that I wasn’t able to post on my blog, when I saw a friend request from a childhood friend. It has been a long time. 16 years to be exact. He added me and I tried to send him a message. He replied and he was doing well. We chatted for a while.

My mind is still reeling from the thought that my high school ex-fling, Jasper Lee, has come out of the closet already. Then, asking this childhood friend of mine about Jpi7’s wedding felt like I just added salt to my wounds. He had his wedding in Tagaytay. 😥

But…. wait, I’m married too. Haha! I almost forgot. Gahd, these songs on my playlist are making me feel sentimental.

This wasn’t a dream. However, I badly wish that those were just nightmares. Kidding.

I had two active accounts but I just deactivated the other today. I found out that this childhood friend also added me on the other active account. For what reason? Hmmm.. I dunno. I have yet to ask him because he said he needs to sleep at 10. Perhaps, I can ask him next time.

I think he just want to reconnect or to eavesdrop on my life.

I gave him an option before I told him to rest. I told him that we can catch up or start over or just stay friends online. He replied and told me that it’s okay to be friends again.

I really don’t know what to expect. Perhaps, he has become wiser and more matured after 16 years. He sounds like one on his replies but I dunno. The memories I had with him was the guy I met through my ex-boyfriend. The memories I had with him was the high school guy who was funny, goofy, cool but also weird. He still gives me the weird vibe but it’s too early to judge.

Well, hello 2018! Nice work for the first 4 days of the year!

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