After XX-years…


a baby shower for amelia



Helloooooo WordPress!!

After a long hiatus, here I am again to dump photos and more blog contents. There were many reasons why I was gone.

  1. New blog –
  2. New job – I already have a 10-7 job that requires me to sleep early and wake up early… but i am restless.
  3. I just got my tablet back!! So I can post online and check my site on the app or on my tablet just like old times. I miss this. It just dawned on me that I miss free writing. Hopefully, I’d get to blog more often and update my Wattpad stories soon!!
  4. I just got married last May 23.
  5. I forgot my username, e-mail and password. It took me several attempts and e-mail hunting to get this account back but I’m glad I’m here again.
  6. Whenever I open my laptop, the idea of resizing photos that I’m gonna dump on my website frustrates me. I usually feel lazy. Add to the fact that mañana habit takes the ideas away.

I’m hoping to be active once again. I need an outlet, so I’m  gonna go ahead and try my hardest. For now I gotta hit the sack.

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