The Sunday Currently Vol. 10


Happy father’s day!

The past week was very challenging but I was able to get through it. June is halfway done and that means that the grammar test is up. So, here’s my latest Sunday currently!


I was able to get past Magnus Bane’s chapter in The City of Bones. It’s already half of the year and yes, I’m not yet done in re-reading it. I’m now at Hotel Dumort, still the 2nd part of the book but I’m taking these baby steps as progress in my reading quest. 🙂


Aside from the usual vibrations of the electric fan and the sound of my keyboard tapping… My current earworm is Drag Me Down by One Direction. Nope, I’m not a Directioner but this all started when I was listening to Love Yourself, Hands to Myself and Perfect by Kaya May and Landon Austin on Spotify. 


Thinking about the upcoming grammar test. I haven’t read anything or reviewed for it. I still have less than two weeks to hustle but I got caught up with so much things to do. 


I can smell the scent of Koji San on my skin.

Wishing and Hoping

STILL Wishing and Hoping that this week would be more productive and less stressful. I hope I’ll be able to survive the working week without slacking or getting tired of going to work.

I think I’ve been writing this for a few weeks already and it still hasn’t changed. It’s slowly becoming my mantra. 

I’m also wishing and hoping that I’d get through this week without feeling so negative about things. I hope that the test won’t bother me that much so I can still work on the things that I need to concentrate on better.


Wearing a short black flowery nightgown to bed.


Loving that I was able to enjoy the weekend with Ino. Our plan to officially celebrate at Hampton Gardens was a success! 


 I want to have this theme done already.


Needing more time to prepare for my test. I also need to start preparing for our wedding.


Feeling a bit upset that Ino hasn’t done anything about the wedding preps lately. I know that he’s busy with finding a job and getting his requirements settled. However, I’m just getting tired with hearing “I’ll do that this weekend.” but it takes so long before it gets done. I also feel quite disappointed because he promised that he will request for his CENOMAR this payday but he forgot.

I really want to be a very understanding girlfriend but as a human, I think I am also entitled to feel these things. The worst feeling in the world is getting your hopes up on people to keep their promises but they keep on forgetting what they have said or intended to do. 


Clicking through SiddhaThornton’s link up and my previous TSC.

How about you? What are you doing? Link up & share your Sunday Currently on Sidda Thornton’s blog.:)


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