The Sunday Currently Vol. 9

It’s June 12! Philippine’s Independence Day!

I don’t have much to say but I’m doing this because it’s a Sunday once again. 🙂


I haven’t done any reading this past few days.  I was pretty occupied with gaming that’s why I haven’t read anything interesting. 


My current earworm is Randomantic by James Reid. Specifically the part “Haharanahin kita, san man tayo magpunta, yung tipong kahit wala lang
O kaya biglang may breakfast in bed, just to keep you interested
Lahat ay dahil wala lang (wala lang)
I just wanna do simple random things to say “I love you”
Ohh ohh I love you”


Thinking about the big move on the 32nd floor, bills to pay for the upcoming payday and how this week will turnout. Overthinking? Yes.


I can smell some fruity scent in the room.

Wishing and Hoping

STILL Wishing and Hoping that this week would be more productive and less stressful. I hope I’ll be able to survive the working week without slacking or getting tired of going to work.


Wearing a black spaghetti-strapped dress and a pair of shorts because we’ll be sleeping in a few hours.


Loving that I was able to finish my misschesca‘s featured images and tags!! That means, I only have to re-calibrate my tags for this blog and hopefully, Ino can help me out with the theme soon. 🙂


 I want to rest some more ’cause all I did was clean the house and not really take a rest. 😦 I also want this week to be less stressful, more enjoyable and remarkable, and more interesting.


Needing more napkins! JK. 🙂 Groceries! I need to buy toiletries. I need to paymy bills in full. I also need to pamper myself but I still don’t have the means. 😥 And, Oh! I still need an extension of my weekend. 


Feeling mixed emotions. I’m tired, sleepy and hungry.


Clicking through SiddhaThornton’s link up, my previous TSC, and James Reid’s Randomantic lyrics link

How about you? What are you doing? Link up & share your Sunday Currently on Sidda Thornton’s blog.:)


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