The Sunday Currently Vol. 7

It’s another Sunday! Ino and I just got back from Pulilan, Bulacan. It was a rainy week and according to the news, the rainy season has arrived!


I’m still reading Chapter 10 of Part 2 of The City of Bones. I know that it has been months since I re-read it and I haven’t finished it since. I’m also reading JamilleFumah’s latest chapter of Indecent Proposal on Wattpad. 


The vibrations of the electric fan and the humming of the air conditioner are keeping me company at this hour.


Thinking about my smartphone, Ino’s latest decision in his career, going to work alone, the rainy days, my future plans. Yup! Overthinking as of the moment.


I can’t smell anything in the room. Nothings stands out

Wishing and Hoping

Wishing and Hoping that this week would be better. I hope that things will work out fine and that the problems will be resolved.


Wearing a yellow daster. It really feels comfortable most especially when you’re about to sleep. :)


Loving that I passed the grammar test. :) Also, loving that I was able to update my blog (kahit papaano.)


Wanting for this week to be less stressful. I want more time to relax. I need more time to blog. A week by myself? I mean a week at home alone. Haha! I miss having a me-time.


Needing more motivation to go to work. Seriously, I’m getting bored with work. I also need more motivation to do my weekly/ monthly schedule.


Feeling bitin because I didn’t get to enjoy the weekend as I want it to be. I didn’t have enough time to be online, didn’t have enough time to update stuff. Medyo badtrip because I didn’t get to enjoy my weekend in my own way. Instead nag-laba ako, konting online, tinamad, tapos eto…


Clicking through SiddhaThornton’s link up, my account and my previous TSC.

How about you? What are you doing? Link up & share your Sunday Currently on Sidda Thornton’s blog. :)


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