My Two Cents on The 2016 Philippine Elections

There will still be some special elections on May 14. But why is Mrs. Robredo claiming the Vice President post as if she was already proclaimed as the Philippine’s VP? Will her party try vote buying again?
Philippines is still a democratic country, right? So I guess I can still express my two cents on this issue.
The Philippines has been governed by different generations of Cojuangcos and Aquinos not only in the presidential post but also in different government agencies, government organizations and sects, and even in entertainment.
Since it’s already there and we can’t really change the fact that my friends, family and other Filipino families have supported them and voted for them. Some of them even watch local TV shows and films, and buy products that “the highest tax payer” was endorsing. I can say that they’ve influenced us and conditioned our minds so much. Even making them a hero on the said Martial Law and even presented themselves as victims as well. They, the one we elected and patronize, are also the ones who became richer and richer as we become poorer and poorer. Even worse, making our country less and less competent as we get very relaxed and eventually becoming a third world country.
I know what is right and what is wrong. I know that I am imperfect. I make mistakes too. However, when I strongly believe in something and whenever I know and feel that I am right, I hold on to it and fight for it. I despise troublemakers and law breakers.
This is my third election. I remembered voting for Dick Gordon as a president in 2010. I don’t exactly remember why I didn’t vote for Noynoy Aquino but it made me realized that I actually made the right choice. However, I didn’t vote for the senatorial elections a few years ago.

Voting has been a right that we Filipinos take for granted. Given a long time to register or update our registration status wasn’t enough for us but when the election day has arrived, we have too many opinions on who should win and why. Even if we didn’t register or we didn’t vote, we still have a lot to say about the current issues regarding our election day. Some even would even kill each other on social media just to get his or her point across.

I was set on going to work on a half day to vote. I ended up going to my hometown on the weekends and vote in the morning to arrive at work on time. It is not a non-working holiday, so I still need to go to work and if I don’t, I won’t get paid and I will incur a memo from my company.
I sacrificed a few hours of sleep to wake up early and go to my assigned precinct. The line was very long and it was very crowded. The public schools are too cramped and old. It didn’t help that I went to the precinct early because it was already scorching hot at 8 AM.
Upon getting the ballot and the marker, I sat on the chair and read the instruction carefully. I was on the verge of changing my mind from choosing Miriam to Duterte but I decided to shade Miriam’s name instead because I know that Duterte has tons of followers and he will still win the elections (given that the results will not be rigged.)
Duterte lost me when his rape joke video became viral on the Internet. I was 95% sure that I want to vote for him at that time, but that joke was really unacceptable to me. He lost my vote on that because it was never funny to be raped.
Amidst the other controversies that were clearly a black propaganda to discourage voters from choosing him, I still believe that if not Miriam Defensor Santiago, he could be the second best choice. And now that he is on the top spot, let me share with you my two cents on the vice presidential elections.

I’ve watched countless of debates and listened to various versions of promises. I was leaning towards Allan Peter Cayetano or Sonny Trillanes at that time as I listened to their sound solutions to aid our country’s problems. However, Trillanes’  know it all and snob personality made me decide to change my mind. Allan Peter Cayetano’s words and convictions later sounded like all talk and no walk, and after a few days it was proven that he couldn’t really stand his ground as he has conceded to Mrs. Robredo’s partial and unofficial tally of votes.

Then, there was Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., the son of the former president Ferdinand Marcos whom declared Martial Law.
I was heavily brainwashed by the people around me, by the media that instills injustices and cruelty during his regime (the number of deaths and missing people, the hidden wealth, etc.) Little do I know that the Cojuangcos and the Aquinos were the ones lying to our faces all along. Regardless if it is real or if it is just a conspiracy, I highly doubt the credibility of the Yellow Nation nowadays.
I’ve grown up liking ABS-CBN’s shows and news programs. I learned Martial Law’s injustices through different mediums like books, TV programs, stories of different people, etc. I may not know what it was really like because I was not yet born at that time, but I do know what is right and what is wrong. I can also say that ABS-CBN is really biased because they are heavily influenced by the Cojuangcos, Aquinos and the Lopezes.
I care about what happened during the Martial Law but I also care about Hacienda Luisita and the current status of our elections.
I became a Bong Bong Marcos supporter overnight. Several reasons motivated me to believe in what he can do and not on who he is or what kind of family he has. First, when I listened to the debate and when I noticed that he really is a good public speaker. Second, when I heard about the responsibilities and roles of a Vice President. Third, when the “Partial and Unofficial Results” have been aired on national TV.
I am not writing about what I know and do not know during his father’s regime. I am writing about the fairness of this current administration which has a slogan of “Daang Matuwid (Straight Path.)”
On May 10, VP Candidate Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos, Jr. was leading the Vice Presidential post. Then at around 3 AM the votes of Leni Robredo gradually increases, trailing BBMs lead. Suddenly Leni Robredo got hundred thousands of votes in a span of thirty minutes to an hour. What really makes it fishy is that BBMs votes are not moving. Clearly, there was something going on and since then, Mrs. Robredo took the lead. She is currently leading with a 200,000+ votes ahead of BBM.
I am not against Leni Robredo but we’ve all heard Plan B, right? They are planning to oust Duterte so that another member of the LP will lead the Philippines. NO. That is a nightmare waiting to happen.
We’ve seen how desperate Aquino’s administration or the Liberal Party-tards are. They’ve used different strategies to take Duterte down. They aren’t playing fair despite their “Daang Matuwid” slogan. They might have conceded for the presidency but not for their Plan B. Leni Robredo must win.
For whatever reason that they have, which I don’t really understand. There’s this huge hunger for power that they can’t let go of. They even considered using children to throw off a presidential candidate. And out of desperation, they are doing their best to involve the COMELEC, the NAMFREL and the PPCRV in rigging the election results.
My take on this is that, why should they resort to cheating if they are confident that they will win? Why should they resort to bullying if their slogan is “Daang Matuwid?” Why are they rigging the election results if the leading candidate is from the opposition? Why are they so hungry for power that this political party will not take losing for an answer? What is in the Presidency and Vice Presidency posts that they can’t afford to lose?
I am not Pro-BBM all the way. I know that he didn’t acknowledge the hidden wealth, the Martial Law’s victims and all other things but I know that he can do better as a vice president. He can make our nation stronger like his father. He can build good relationships with the other countries’ diplomats. I know that because he can be a good public speaker. I know that his leadership can influence Duterte and he can actually contribute to our economic growth.
What I dislike about Leni Robredo’s political party is that they are using her to represent them. Her husband’s name is MARred by the political issues associated to her running mate and the YELLOW administration.
I also agree that she can do better as a cabinet member or as a senator but not as a Vice President in this term. I believe that she can learn more from the next administration but not as a VP in the next administration. Sorry Leni, I am one of those people who will not support you if you will unfairly win in this election.
However, if you will let the VP votes to be recounted, I will support you and give you a chance. If you are proven to be the real winner, I won’t be against it. But please, let us have a fair validation of votes. Let the VP votes be recounted. If you really want to win fair and square, please listen to the people who took their time to vote for the leader that they want. If you are not part of Plan B, then please let us have a fair election. Please don’t be swayed by the people who financed your campaign. It would be better if your conscience is clear and when you know that the people trust you, so please be fair.

2 thoughts on “My Two Cents on The 2016 Philippine Elections

  1. I am sorry to know how misinformed you are. Please read your history. This post is jaw-dropping But that’s your opinion. Two of our dearest relatives were killed by Marcose’s military. Please read your history.

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    1. Im sorry to hear that. The point of my post is about the fairness of the vote counts. I do not want to argue with you. I’ve read about the Martial Law and the military’s abuse. Again, I just want a fair election regardless of who will win the vp post.


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