When Simple Is Not That Simple


How do you define simplicity? What is simple to you?

My definition of simplicity may be waaaaay too different than yours and here’s why.

I want things simple. That’s what I said to Ino about our wedding. I want a simple married life, a simple wedding and a simple website. However, I’m really struggling with how I want to execute the simplicity in my visions.

When I told Ino about wanting a simple married life, I envisioned that we will just get by with whatever we have and have a simple lifestyle. When we were planning about our wedding and how simple our wedding will be, I realized that I can actually settle for little things. However, when we were looking for the church I told him that I want an old church. I told him that I want to walk down a long aisle. When we were talking about the gowns, I told him that I want specific designs. However, my definition of simple is not really simple because I am into specific things. I guess, this is the proof that I’m really high maintenance and my definition of simple is far from simple.

I have been thinking about what to do with my new domain. I told him that I want something simple. I envisioned my theme to be just black and white with a side bar and a header.

When he asked me if I want a Theme-centric or a Plug In-centric website, of course I don’t really know what those jargon are. He explained every little detail to me and I can’t remember the differences any more. What I just remembered was that he suggested for me to have the Plug-in centric. Since, he is my programmer / web developer / future husband, I trust him.

I told him what I want to see and have on my own website. I’m actually thinking of having my regular blog with some adverts. Much like this one or the one I have in Tumblr but more specific. He told me to write down the things that I want so I did as soon as we got home.

I started doing my list even if I was very sick. I was very excited because it’s going to be my first website and I’m really looking forward to it. My list was very elaborate. I really wrote down everything that I want, how I want it to look, and every little detail on my website as well.

There are simple worries and set backs ‘though. Knowing that I’m just an ordinary person. I’m not a daughter of any celebrity or someone famous. I often find inspirations on their websites and posts, make up reviews, etc. They have a huge following but my WordPress and Tumblr followers are very few compared to theirs. Who would be interested to read my thoughts, perspectives and experiences? I’m just a dot in the crowd but I’m willing to take the plunge.

If any of my followers is reading this, I hope to see you on my new home. 🙂 Thank you for making my WordPress stay worthwhile.


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