A New Home



I’ve been contemplating on what URL to choose for my own domain in case, Ino will buy me a whole year of my own domain and hosting site.

I have been dreaming of having one but not really aiming to have one. I’m quite contented with my WordPress and Tumblr blog and I like my dashboards.

When the opportunity presented itself, I think I would just consider one of my previous URLs and use it.

Hello Nuffnang and other ads! Hello commercial blogging! Hello sponsored posts (hopefully!) Hello unboxings! Hello to a new level of business minded ideas! Hahaha!

I think I will have a better way to post reviews using my own legit voice (vernacular and English media/mediums.) Then, I won’t need to post my own signature in each post. It can be more personal and less formal.

It’s still a plan. Ino and I haven’t bought a domain or a hosting site yet. It’s an idea that I’m willing to venture on. I’m not really the type who can express my ideas in a large number of audiences that’s why I prefer to write for myself. Who knows? Maybe in an unexpected moment, I will find my own niche. Cheers!


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