Falling Hair No More 2/28/2016



My mug shot. Err. My latest selfie as of February. I just want to document my shortest hair ever!

At first I’m not planning to post this or really take a selfie for that matter (because I’m not the type who like to post photos of myself.) However, I just decided to document my shortest hair so far to commemorate it in the future.

I really hate it when I need to take out the hair on the sink or in the bathroom floor drain or sweep the floor and find my hairballs everywhere. I also hate it when I need to clean my brush every time I use it because my hair keeps falling off. And speaking of falling hair, I hate it when I’m rinsing my hair and some of the broken ones are sticking on my hands. I really can’t explain it enough but I’m glad that I will not experience it anymore.

I’m not really planning to but I just had to because of my split ends and damaged hair. I’ve always sported my long straight hair and I want something spontaneous for a change.

I’ve used different hair solutions for my damaged hair but I guess cutting it is the best since I’ve been causing a lot of hairball at home and at work.

I have been worrying about my damaged hair for a long time. I was supposed to have my dyed hair chopped but the hair stylist said that I’d go bold if I will have my dyed hair chopped. So, I just asked told him that I want a shoulder length hair. However, when he finished cutting it, Ino and my mom were shocked that it was shorter than we expected. We couldn’t do something about it anymore, so I just accepted it and learned to appreciate it.

It was actually nice. It was shorter than my usual hair do. It was refreshing because I think I look more matured. Haha! Summer is just around the corner and I’m glad that I am prepared for the hottest temperature that we will experience in the Philippines

I hope that my hair would be stronger and healthier in the next months to come. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Falling Hair No More 2/28/2016

    1. I use Johnson’s baby Shampoo too but not that often. I learned it from the internet. It was really frustating to see hair everywhere. I just have to settle because it’s already gone. Haha. Thanks for the reply. 🙂


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