1st Wednesday 2/10/2016


Happy Hump Day everyone!

I just had a three day staycation because of South Korea’s Seollal or Lunar New Year.

Seollal is basically Korea’s Lunar New Year. It is where Koreans usually have a holiday for three days to celebrate their New Year with their families, relatives and friends. Since I am working in a Korean company, I was also able to enjoy their long weekend and happy holiday too!

I actually did had a great time. The weekend was a blur. Ino went home in Bulacan last Saturday and I just invited my family over. My mom, my sister and my niece spent the night in our apartment and we just had a normal day. My sister bought me a burger from Zark’s and I was actually not able to enjoy it because my niece was very mischievous at that time. I think the burger was delicious but it could have been more satisfying if it was still hot when I got it and tasted it.

We spent most of the day taking care of my niece and sleeping on the bed. I also showed my sister some of the cosmetics that I hauled and told her about the facial foam that I discovered in Daiso. She also offered to do my make up, fixed my eyebrows and painted my nails. She left the next morning to prepare for her pastries orders.

Ino went home on Sunday afternoon. We had some pizza delivered because my mom was craving for some Manager’s Choice Pizza by Shakey’s and Chicken & Mojos. The food was delicious and I was able to enjoy it while watching the UAAP Volleyball game between UST and ADMU. 🙂

When Ino arrived, we actually had a small fight because he didn’t even eat the pizza and the chicken that we ordered for him. I told him that we will have some food delivered when I talked to him on the phone but he still bought some bread and ate it without even trying out the food that we reserved for him. My mom actually felt bad that he didn’t even tried to eat it. I also felt bad and embarrassed to my mom but he and I just ended up arguing about it. I really felt disappointed in him at that time but I just didn’t tell him because I want him to realize that he did something wrong. And of course, he didn’t apologize for it.

Monday came and we had to go to the church to have my last name changed from Perez to my legal name (which I’m not planning to state here.) Out of the days that he has to take a leave, he chose a holiday which by common sense, churches don’t have office hours on that day too. We just ended up going and not gaining anything from it aside from learning the schedule, the route on how to get there and which transportation to take, and the exact location of the churches.

It was quite stressful because we were not really in good terms when we went out. He kept quiet most of the time and I was so hungry that I almost passed out because of the long walk and the light lunch that I had on that day. I was even surprised to know that the place where we usually eat at 1st Street in U-Belt was actually closed already. It has been almost 7 years and a lot has changed so we just chose one food stall near that place and had a heavy lunch / merienda.

He and I patched things up on our way to the LRT. We were supposed to meet our wedding coordinator / my former colleague at 7 PM but we left Mendiola at around 3 PM. We arrived at Gateway, Cubao around 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM.

He was still scouting on suits so we went to H&M and Uniqlo to find better designs. We also went to SM Megamall around 4 or 5 PM to look for more suits. When he was done, I asked him if we could go to the Department Store as well so that I can check on some cosmetics or some BB creams.

We also went to Dolcelatte to have some coffee. The place was sophisticated but the price was too steep for some croughnuts and coffee. In the end, we decided to meet our coordinator at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf instead because it was more comfortable. We also talked about some of our plans for the wedding and the things that we still need to send her. The next meeting would be about the ocular and the down payment.

We went to my mom’s place after that because she was sick and I was also worried about her condition. The good thing is that she was already feeling better when we arrived. My niece was still wide awake and still energetic as well so she and he played while waiting for my sister. My sister was still baking when she promised to go home and fetch her daughter. So while waiting for her, I decided to have my nails done. When my manicure was already finished, we couldn’t wait for her any longer so we decided to go home already.

I stayed at home the whole day yesterday. I just slept the whole afternoon, did my laundry, cooked some Chinese tikoy and Shin Ramen, and watched some TV series. It wasn’t that productive but it was a relaxing day.

I also stayed at home today. I was planning to go to the gym but I got too lazy that I just decided to stay at home to enjoy the last day of my five-day vacation. I learned how to cook Spaghetti today! I also had my finger burnt from putting the pasta slowly but it’s fine. I also ate a box of brownies that my sister baked so I have to pay her on my payday.




So yeah… This is my first time to cook some pasta. 🙂
Hello Spaghetti Sauce that I was too skeptic to try.  I didn’t know how it would taste like until it was cooked and it wasn’t bad at all. It actually tastes like a tomato sauce.
There you have it sliced Vienna Sausage, super toasted bread in rock perfection with Skippy peanut butter, and Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce and Pasta c/o my office’s Christmas Party’s give away!


I also watched Legally Blonde 2 on iFlix while having my Spaghetti. I also watched some YouTube videos of Grav3yardgirl while I’m cleaning and washing my make up brushes. I also watched the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (I still feel uncomfortable watching Spencer and Caleb as a couple and I feel hurt for Hanna but I’m not a Spoby or Haleb fan.) So pretty much I have been a couch potato the whole day.

I also tried to make a video earlier today but I didn’t like the outcome and I didn’t do well with capturing the videos on my phone so I just deleted it.

On a much productive note, I also rearranged our shoes and slippers on the shoe rack tonight. It wasn’t anything grand but I’m glad that I just didn’t slack my way on my staycation.


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