Sebastian’s Ice Cream 8/15/2015

Hello! We went to Podium in Ortigas, Pasig City today because I need to close my Smart Bro account. After that, we strolled at the mall and saw the ice cream parlor which reminded me of Mati’s post.

Ino rarely offers to buy stuff when we roam around and hang-out (most especially if he’s on a tight budget.) When he offered, I knew that he just meant that we will share a scoop. I knew that he likes Cookie Dough so I ordered it and payed it myself. We decided to share and exchange scoops. However, we ended up eating our choice of ice cream.

Cookie Dough was good but it was more like a Double Dutch or a Cookies and Cream flavor to me. It was kind of a let down but we were able to enjoy the Sapin-Sapin in the end. Ino enjoyed the Sapin-Sapin better than I did because he finished it without asking me if I want more. It was okay. Although, I wished that we tried Champorado instead.

Here are photos of the ambiance of Sebastian’s Ice Cream. Enjoy!


Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s Sapin Sapin and Cookie Dough

20150815_184702 20150815_185140 20150815_185146




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