Hot Star Large Fried Chicken 8/8/2015

I’ve been stressed a lot these past few weeks and I don’t want to talk about it. Because of some reasons, I couldn’t log on and blog. But hey, I’m here now so yeah, we can chat or you can just listen to errr… read my stories.

Last week, Ino and I went to Hot Star Large Fried Chicken at Shaw 500 Zentrum, Synetserve, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong.

Chicken Wings and Crispy Large Fried Chicken

It was delicious! The chicken is bigger than a fried Daing na Bangus!! It can be a lunch and dinner meal in one. It’s a bit overwhelming but if you’re really hungry, I guess you’ll ask for an extra rice or another serving of rice.

I totally forgot that I’m on a diet when I saw this. And my jaw actually dropped when I saw the chicken that I ordered. Ino really liked the chicken wings and made me try one. The flavor was good!!

The fries didn’t make the cut. I don’t know if we should have shaken it well or not but, I was expecting more but it was just bland for me. The mushroom soup was a version of Knorr’s Mushroom soup. I was expecting a better quality but the soup didn’t fair well. I guess, I was expecting a Campbell Mushroom soup quality… or maybe it’s just the branch.

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