My Version Of The Sunday Currently Vol. 5



  1. Still reading Kiera Cass’ The Selection. I’m getting used to Kiera Cass’ pace. Her narration was pretty interesting and the character introductions were very good too.
  2. I’m writing my What’s In My Bag post in the other tab.
  3. I’m listening to Barney’s song right now because of my niece, Kelly.
  4. I’m thinking about the team leader post post-interview. I’m hoping that I’ll get it this time but I know that my interview answers were not really that good. So, yeah. I shouldn’t think about it that much.
  5. I’m smelling the aroma of Spam in my room. Apparently, they cooked the Spam without turning on the exhaust so, yeah.. my room smells like Spam.
  6. I’m wishing that the weekend could be longer. Y’know, so I can get more sleep. My weekend was as tiring as my weekdays..Oh, well… what’s new?
  7. I’m wearing a pink skeleton-printed tank top to sleep.
  8. Currently loving my niece, Kelly, who is very cute and mischievous.
  9. Needing more time to be pro-active. Sorry, I wasn’t able to finish this on time. I’m really having a hard time managing my time most especially on the weekend.
  10. I am feeling tired but happy. It’s good to be with family sometimes. I don’t feel that alone anymore.

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton




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