My version of The Sunday Currently (Vol. 4)

I’ve been pretty busy these days. I used to allot some time for my Friday weekly blogpost, however, I realized that I am very busy every Friday and I really can’t update on Fridays regularly.

Same with the Sunday Currently, weekdays were supposed to be relax days or rest days for some. However, weekends are sometimes more hectic than my working week.

I consider Friday nights / Saturday morning (12 AM onwards) my weekend. Ino and I usually have after shift plans with our colleagues. Most especially if it’s a salary week, the colleagues usually get together and eat in a Korean restaurant nearby. Or sometimes, we tend to go out and enjoy some delicious dishes from different restos in Ortigas (those that are still open from 11 pm to 2 A.M or those 24 hour fast food or restaurants, etc.)

Sometimes I stay in his place, sometimes he stays in my place. So, when he’s around I don’t get to blog that much because he’s very sensitive with the lack of attention or minimal attention that I give him whenever we’re together. So, sometimes I just can’t blog when he’s around. There are exceptions though, and that’s mostly when I’m at his place or his workplace and he’s pretty preoccupied himself.

I also can’t blog on Saturday mornings ’cause I usually sleep late and wake up late.

For the past four weeks or so, Ino and I have been going to the gym on Saturdays. Sometimes we go to the mall after going to the gym to relax and go window shopping or sometimes we head to his place or my place to watch our favorite TV series or movies. Sometimes, we watch movies together after going to the gym too. So, my Saturday is usually a hectic one.

We also stay up late on Saturdays most of the time and wake up late. But I’ve been having my overtime for about two months now so I need to wake up earlier than usual and prepare for work. Yes, I work 6 days a week. Starting from Sunday where I have a part-time job which takes 5 hours. Then my usual 10-hour-job on weekdays. All for teaching and nothing else.

Clyde's Spicy Fried Chicken
Ino’s Spicy Fried Chicken

So, here I am writing about my Sunday Currently. This is the fourth week so I’m gonna change some things up for a bit. I realized that my past two SCs are very boring to read and I’m gonna change that with not just a currently but my plan for the whole week starting this Sunday.

I’ve always started my week on Sundays because I’ve read somewhere that that’s how we are supposed to start the week. I’ve been treating Sundays as my week starter for years and I can’t remember when I started it.

This is my 4th Sunday so here’s the plan:

  1. I want to read The Selection by Kiera Cass more. I am happy to tell you that I was able to read more chapters this week and I’m already on Chapter 7. YEY!!
  2. I’m writing about my very own version of The Sunday Currently, obviously. I have written here before that I don’t write anything else except this when I’m doing this. However, I’m planning to write about some updates on Make My Day this week.
  3. I’m not listening to anything but I can hear some people talking because they are already having a class. Yeah, I’m currently in the office.
  4. I’m thinking about ending this post because I have to call in four minutes or less. I’m also thinking about the trap that we place at home.
  5. I’m smelling Ino’s hotdog and bacon lunch set. He prepared that for me so that I can eat it in the office. Awww, how sweet?!
  6. I’m wishing that this 20 minute class is absent. And yeah, she was absent for 20 MINUTES!! 🙂
  7. I’m wearing a printed shirt, my pink Freego shorts and my blue shoes.
  8. I’m loving Ino even more because he cooked for me and helped me change the fluorescent light last night.
  9. I need more time to write this, so maybe an updated version will be up later. I also need time to eat and sleep some more. I also need to write more posts.
  10. I am feeling happy and excited because we don’t have to go to work tomorrow! YEY!! But, I have to go to the gym again tomorrow to make up for Coach Jim’s absence last Saturday.

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton




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