3rd Friday: A Week of Being An Empath In The Work Place

I always tell my friends that whatever happens in the office should stay in the office. Most especially if it’s stressful.

I don’t want to drag the events that happened over the working week to my weekend. It’s called a Happy Friday for a reason and if I want to be happy, I should avoid stressful things and overthinking.

Like last week, I am choosing to charge whatever happened this working week to experience. Why? Because I don’t want to relieve things and commemorate what has transpired.

However, I couldn’t stop myself from writing so, here it goes… Here’s the rant and the full disclosure of what happened yesterday, July 2, 2015.

Disclaimer: I really tried my best not to write it, but I guess it bothers me too much that’s why I decided to write it here. This is a rant in a form of a blog diary so if you don’t want to be stressed. Get outta here, now!

There’s a reason why I avoid using Facebook these days and there’s also a reason why I am very picky when it comes to talking to new people in my workplace. I could say that I’m very choosy when it comes to being friendly with others. I could last a day or a week or a month or longer if I want to avoid the person or if I really don’t feel like talking to them.

I’m quite sensitive… errr… an empath when it comes to personal space, work environment, social circle, etc. I’m so sensitive that sometimes I tend to become the person I don’t want to be. Like being too boisterous and insensitive to others. Yeah, that could be the top in my pet peeves list.

Values, beliefs and character are things that I value the most. It’s essential because I can’t imagine working in an environment with unprofessionals. If we’re working we should focus on work and if we’re having fun we should treasure the moment. However, we should also consider the people who are working with us. That’s all.

If you are a team leader, I know that you could be biased. However, I strongly believe that you should listen to both parties before you decide, comment or react about the situation. In my opinion, TL 1, blatantly defended her member and told me that I should have told her first. Yeah, sure. Given that she was the team leader, yeah, I should have done that but I didn’t. I guess I got so used to telling people off that’s why I overreacted.

She also told me that the company has a process in case the employee damages the facilities. She also said that Person A even said that he can afford to buy a keyboard. YEAH SURE. Heck, that’s not even the issue. The issue is his actions in handling his frustration with the expense of the others.

She also said that I shouldn’t have called Person A off since I don’t know him personally. Point taken. I admitted my fault and she accepted it. I also told her that I just don’t want to hear a different version of this after talking to her.

She said it’s a nonissue or there isn’t any issue at all. O-kay. I told her that I don’t want others to interfere because we (Person A and me) didn’t really confront each other. I don’t want to make this nonissue an issue and I don’t care about the other versions, really. I don’t give a fuck if Person B wants to join the riot. As far as I know, I am not close to her. She’s just a colleague and I won’t waste my time or effort to entertain her malicious intent.

Frankly, I don’t care if Person A can afford a keyboard. It’s the fact that he can’t even afford some good manners that’s why I flared up. It’s the fact that his crass behavior tarnished his image in my opinion. His gender is not the issue here. I don’t care about his sexual orientation. It’s never an excuse to be insensitive and disrespectful.

But… sure, I’ll try to let it pass because he’s a newbie. I hope he gets regularized soon. I hope his character or personality will be vindicated soon. Or whatever. As if I give a fuck.

My issue with TL 1 was that she could have been professional enough to reprimand her member. She should have listened to me first, instead of cutting me off in midsentence. Well, what do I expect with a team leader like her? A lot of people hate her and I used to defend her to them, but now… I’m sorry but, I am one of them.

Oh, I don’t despise her, okay? I just hate how she handled the situation. I could still forgive her but I won’t trust her anymore.

To be clear….I was not actually expecting Person A to react disrespectfully. When he responded by saying that he’s just expressing his frustration by pressing the keyboard in an excessive manner because that’s how he relieve his stress… I just got irked with his reaction. So, yeah that’s what happened.

My point is? Person A should have been sensitive enough to realize that his actions were wrong. He should have known that there are other teachers who are having classes at that time and he’s causing a ruckus in his expense.  Yeah, he was disrespectful, insensitive and disturbing.

I, on the other hand, tried to understand TL 1’s advices. I admitted my fault and told her my opinions and my side of the story. I told her about the stories I’ve heard about what happened last night and how I learned that there are other people trying to interfere and join the issue. Well to hell with Person B! Aside from what I’ve been hearing about her, I also figured that I couldn’t trust her. That’s also the reason why I don’t talk to her or initiate a conversation with her. I used to not hate her or be indifferent with her but she’s blacklisted in my life now.

Moving on…

If I am actively using my Facebook right now… I might read some negative stories about me or about other people. I guess, it would be better if I will just stay in my happy bubble this weekend. I don’t want to entertain negative people’s stressful opinions or stories. And for me to be able to avoid that, I think I should not read my timeline. I might not stop myself and start a riot on Facebook.

They are not worth the time, the attention and the effort so I’ll stop talking about them here. That’s the last that you’ll hear from me.

I’m sorry for the rant, but this is me. I guess, I just need to let the steam off. I’m writing as a form of therapy. Maybe, I’m asking for people to understand me or give me some advice or whatever. No, I don’t need any advice. I had enough for the day. I’m good. I just want to share this because this is what happened recently and I hated it.

I’m not happy about it. In reality, I’m pissed. I think I’m waiting for people to agree with me or whatever. Like what I usually expect my small group of friends to do, but it’s not anyone’s obligation. I’m just ranting because this is my blog and this is one of its purposes.




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