The Sunday Currently Vol. 1 [updated]



It’s a Sunday! Since I wasn’t able to write my 2nd Friday the way I wanted it to be, I decided to try something else. And that is, “The Sunday Currently.” 

I’ve been pretty inactive in the last few weeks and it was just a week ago since I had the time to update my blogS. Finally, my muse has landed! She / He is back! And now I’m gonna continue the journey with The Sunday Currently.

I’ve seen it in several WordPress bloggers that I’ve been following and I got so curious and obsessed with what it is about. I thought that it’s pretty cool so, I want to try my hand at it.

After checking out probably over ten blogs, I was able to find the air traffic controller blogger that I’m following. He is RMBulseco and I can’t actually remember how I stumbled upon his blog but I did and that’s where I saw it first.

I’m currently searching and reading different bloggers’ volume 1 and I’m quite confused. I’m wondering why some people have ‘Clicking’ on their Sunday Currently, when in Sidda Thornton‘s post it’s just Reading, Writing, Listening, Thinking, Smelling, Wishing, Wearing, Loving, Wanting, Needing and Feeling. I wonder if someone deliberately added Clicking on their own blog and the others followed just because.

By the way, Sidda Thornton started The Sunday Currently on her blog. Unfortunately, she has already ended her Sunday Currently on her centennial Sunday Currently post. I might link this up just because i want to even if she has already stopped doing this.

I think I am enjoying writing things because I get to explore what I’m thinking, feeling and hoping. Taking time to write is my therapy. With the help of a dictionary, I can be sure that the words that I use are apt for my entries. And here I go, stalling… Haha! I’m not really sure on how to do this or if writing an intro this long is okay. But anyhow….


I’ve been reading Kiera Cass’s The Selection (The first book) since last month but due to my heavy schedule and my limited time, I’m still on Chapter 3. Unlike the other series that I’ve read, The Selection has a different feel. It’s still Dystopian but the narration feels different. I think I’m still adjusting to the author’s pace.

In addition to that, I noticed that I get tired easily and I always feel sleepy. So, instead of reading before sleeping, I usually doze off easily once I lay in my bed.

I’m currently writing The Sunday Currently Vol. 1. Nothing else. I’m just trying this out right now.

Actually, I just had dinner and after taking a rest, I decided to update this once I got home because I was really in a hurry when I published this.

When I made this this afternoon, I was listening to Calvin Harris’ Summer. I was listening to my Spotify’s Starred playlist while blogging when I was typing this a while ago.

I’m thinking of what will happen this week. I’m planning to do something for my career. Yeah, again. So hopefully this will be my time. If not then I don’t know what I’ll do. If I will continue to work in this company or work in a different field. I’m not sure. It’s a long term process. Perhaps, I will try to contemplate on this for a long time.

I’m also thinking about my condo. unit because there’s a problem with the ownership, monthly dues, etc. It has to be sorted out soon. I’m not sure if I’ll stay here or if I will live with Ino again. For one, it would be good because I don’t need to pay for the electric bill. However, I have to call the telephone company to move my internet subscription to his place.

I can still smell the Penshoppe Body Spray’s Fuchsia that I sprayed on my body 7 hours ago. I like smelling it because it doesn’t have the citrus-y smell or the strong smell that designer perfumes usually have. I discovered it last week when Ino bought a jacket at Penshoppe in Shangri-la (5th floor, East Wing) and I love it!

I’m wishing that I can pay all my debts on time. If not, then I’m wishing that I’ll be able to pay most of it before July ends. That’s the goal. I also wish that my dreams will come true this year. 🙂

I’m wearing a printed shirt and a pink shorts by Freego. The office doesn’t have a centralized air conditioner on weekends and holidays so, wearing shorts is okay.

I’m loving my job, my family, my boyfriend and this imperfect life that I have.

I’m wanting some new experiences, new perspectives, new goals, new dreams, new friends, and a new lifestyle.

I’m needing some sleep, some time to read, to take a shower and time to prepare for bed and for work tomorrow.

I’m feeling tired, hot and sleepy.

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