Jim’s Super Gym

I’ve been an avid fan of Saab Magalona since she got involved in a mauling incident last year. It’s not that I idolize her for brawling or stopping a brawl or whatever. I don’t know. At that time, I just noticed that she has matured when it comes to writing stuff on her blog. Eventually, she became my peg in writing some of my entries too.

I just stumbled upon that news then after that I tried to search her on Google and the rest is history. I found her blog interesting and refreshing. It’s a different take and a different style in blogging. It’s one that Tumblr bloggers should discover. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate the new generation of Tumblr bloggers. It’s just that I really hate how “bloggers” turned the dashboard into a UP Secret Files feel.

Moving on…

Saab just got engaged at that time and she was trying to lose some weight. Aside from DietDiva, she also blogged about going to the gym and I got very interested in it.

I am not really a fitness buff or anything close to anything fitness related. In fact, I’m the type of person who’d rather be a couch potato (like eating some snacks with soda or anything with soda while watching TV or while reading FashionPulis or some Pretty Little Liars theories on Tumblr) than go out and enjoy the sun or the rain or go window shopping and whatnot. Let’s just say that I’m the type of person who thinks that going out means spending money and with the kind of shopping behavior that I have… (I’m actually an impulsive shopper) I’d rather stay at home because basically, I’m broke.

My weekends comprise sleeping late, waking up late and eating late. Sleeping, eating, surfing the internet, eating, sleeping, … repeat ’til fade. That was my routine every weekend until I got so hooked with Saab’s fitness posts.

After some weeks, I decided to tell Ino about it. I told him that I want to go to the gym. He was not the reason why I want to lose weight, okay? I just want to feel good about myself. I want to take selfies with confidence. I want to run and do things lightly. I don’t want to be so sickly and tired all the time.

So, it’s a good thing that he took it positively and didn’t tease me about it. He didn’t put me under pressure. Although my mom and some of my relatives keep on telling me to lose weight… still, they were not the biggest factor in my decision. It was because of Saab and also because I wanted it too.

I guess, you need to want and like something so that you can set a goal and be motivated to do it. Actually, I’m so looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the budget for the gym registration, the program and the trainer was insufficient at that time because we were about to go to Pandaquit, Zambales for our anniversary.

We actually scouted for several gyms including the high end ones and the nearest gym in my place a week after we celebrated our 6th anniversary. Thankfully, we were able to inquire at Gym Plus in Edsa Central, Mandaluyong City. It was actually cost efficient and the staff were accomodating.

I think it was after a couple of weeks after we went to Zambales when he told me that he has already saved some money for our gym plans. After that week, we went to Gym Plus in Edsa Central, Mandaluyong to sign up for the registration and training programs.

It has been 2 Saturdays since our registration and tomorrow is our 3rd. I am up for a 10 session for two months with Coach Jim. He actually suggested for me to go there 3x or 5x a week, however, my schedule is very tight on weekdays so I really can’t go there. He also mentioned that he is not available on Sundays, so we only go there on Saturdays. I also have an overtime work on Sundays from 4 pm to 9 pm so working out on Sundays won’t really work for me.

So far, we’ve been going to the gym once a week and I can say that it was fun. At first, I thought it’s like P.E class with all the stretching and running and physical activities. It was also my first time to try the treadmill, so I find it a bit awkward but intriguing. As I’ve written before, I usually go to work on foot so walking is not a problem for me. In fact, I am always looking forward for the treadmill because it’s the easiest and I get to listen to music for 20 minutes without being in a hurry as well.

2015-06-20 17.23.03 2015-06-20 17.22.40 2015-06-20 17.23.05 2015-06-20 17.31.42 2015-06-20 17.32.032015-06-20 17.31.34 2015-06-20 17.31.29 2015-06-20 17.23.13 2015-06-20 17.23.19 2015-06-20 17.23.33 2015-06-20 17.23.40


If I like the treadmill, I dread the bicycle-like machine. It’s really painful on the legs most especially on the knees. It’s not really my favorite equipment but it’s okay. I use both machines slowly because duh it was just my 2nd time. Probably, I’d be faster soon. 🙂

All in all, exercising in the gym is fun. At first, I got very conscious because there are a lot of men and they were staring at me and watching me do the routine. As time goes by, it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I am more focused on my routine and my motivation to be slimmer.

However, cutting down on snacks and soda is really challenging for me. I can’t last a week without drinking soda, eating in a fast food restaurant, and eating oily and salty snacks in the office or after office. I am trying to drink more water and lessening the colored drinks but it’s inevitable when you’re eating out. I am trying but it might really take a lot of discipline.

So to sum it all,  going to the gym became another activity that we are enjoying together so far since we are not really sporty people and we both have different goals in changing our lifestyle. It’s an addition to our laidback bonding moments.

I’m thankful that I became an avid follower of Saab Magalona’s blog because she really motivated me to become healthier in a good way. I hope I can inspire other people too in the future.

I’ll keep you posted with my progress soon so just hang in there and enjoy the weekend.




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