Without “Very”, A Limited Vocabulary?

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like reading on trains

Have you eliminated a word from your vocabulary?

My vocabulary isn’t great. While I have taken note of numerous words and phrases that I would like to use, either I do not remember them when I should or the opportunity to wield them has yet to present itself. A decrease in what little I already have sounds like a personal disservice.

Yet, since I came across a quote from the movie Dead Poets’ Society two years ago, I have consciously stopped using the word “very”. I still know its definition and function. At least, that is what I would like to believe. Though, frankly, there are moments when—despite being certain where to place it in a sentence—I second-guess what it means. Maybe that is what happens when you intentionally delete a word from your usage? Its clarity begins to dull and what you have left is a faint shadow.


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