An unexpected trip to Dippin’ Dots Robinson’s Galleria

We scouted for guitar stores and started at the malls. Guitar prices at the malls starts at P4000-P7000 as the cheapest. So, Ino and I decided to go to J. Ruiz.

We took the LRT in Cubao. The LRT has really changed. It has become crowded and small. There were food stalls too. We bought some Infinitea Milkteas before going in. We already bought the ticket when we were halted by the lady guard.

I stupidly asked her to let us in and told her that I will not sip it or that I’ll just cover it with a tissue. Unfortunately, she didn’t allow us to do that and asked us to finish my Large Wintermelon milktea and Ino’s Regular Lemon Fruit tea slush (which was supposed to be a Melon fruit tea) before going in. Of course we didn’t drink it on the spot. So, he went out and asked for a plastic instead. We were allowed to bring it on the train provided that it’s placed in a plastic.

After that hassle, we went to J. Ruiz to search for guitar shops. We walked until we reached V.Mapa to scout for guitar shops because he’s planning to buy his niece a guitar as a graduation gift.

We arrived at J. Ruiz at around 4-5 P.M. We walked up to V. Mapa because we totally forgot where the guitar store is located. We went to a shop but it was quite pricey and not the style that Bea wants. So, we moved to the 2nd store which is a few blocks away from the 1st one. It was where the original Lumanog’s shop was located.

After checking out the different guitar models and its prices, Ino was able to choose one and we decided to go home after that. Sorry cause I was not able to take some pictures of the places and the guitars. Bea‘s guitar costs P1400. It was purple, a little small and slender. It’s originally P1500 with a 100 peso discount — Thanks to his haggle skills and the manong’s consideration.

We rode a bus and alighted at Robinson’s Galleria. We had dinner at Burger King and strolled around the mall after that.


We stopped by at Dippin’ Dots to try the ice cream. We had a few free tastes when he decided to buy a cup. It has three flavors for P175.

Here’s Ino with his 1st Dippin’ Dots
Our 3 flavors: Caramel Brownie Sundae, Vanilla and Bubblegum

We chose 3 different flavors. Vanilla is his choice. I chose Bubblegum because it tastes milder than Birthday Cake and Caramel Brownie Sundae because it’s a Sunday. Hmmm.. just kidding! I chose Caramel Brownie Sundae as well because of the brownie that reminds me of Rocky Road Sundae Hot Fudge by Jollibee.

Here are the other photos of the Dippin’ Dots stall and its ice cream flavors. Enjoy!

image image image image image image image image image image

Oh, look! They have ice bars too!



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