Yey For Fitness!


It has been 8 days since March started and I’m still doing the same routine over and over again.

I’ve been contemplating on things since last year and it’s bothering me in a good way —  if there’s such a thing. It feels like my thoughts have been shouting at me lately.

One of the things that’s bothering me these days is fitness.

I am getting conscious about how I look like and how I feel. How my pants feel weird when I wear it. How dark my skin has become and how uneven! Ugh. Not for the fear of losing self-confidence, but for the betterment of how I’ll feel if I’ll slow down on being a couch potato and munching on junk food all the time.

I’ve been contemplating on eating healthy. But I know myself and it wouldn’t be enough. I guess, I need more discipline in time management. Walking and running that’s what I want to do. Spend time on the gym and spend most of the time on the treadmill. I’m thinking that I could do it, but I haven’t tried it so I don’t know.

Ino and I are going to inquire at some of the gyms. He also wants to look better and feel better. 🙂 So, we’re thinking about signing up in a small gym near our places. We’re hoping that it would be cheaper if we’re going to do it together. I guess, it would be more effective too.

Well, Saab Magalona has influenced me to be in shape too! I guess, I don’t always agree with whatever she says or posts on her blog or Twitter or Instagram accounts but most of her contents are interesting and beneficial, so it’s okay.

I guess going for Dietdiva will be my second option. I guess, I can be stricter with my diet in my own terms but I need to be more disciplined in my physical activities. Besides, I’m not a sporty person so I’m gonna try it little by little.

I think having a trainer would be good. However, I think it’s expensive because they usually charge an hourly rate. He offered to pay the membership fee if it’s affordable enough and if he can find a good place. I’m not sure yet, but I hope he’ll share the expenses with me.

I guess, it’s not just because it’s summer season and everybody’s going gaga over fitness. I guess it’s because I want to do it for myself. A change of perspective, maybe.

I’ll try to keep you posted. 🙂




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