Peter Torres #4 of National University Men’s Volleyball Team

Oh, hello there Crushie!

from Peter Torres’ Instagram (petertorres04)

I am not a fan of the NU Women’s Volleyball Team but when I saw this cute but maangas guy from the men’s division, I told myself “Shit. May bagong crush nanaman ako.” Too bad he’s from NU, I’m not a fan but I’ll try to watch it.

I’m not a super fan. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate NU. They’re just not my favorite team in the women’s division.

It all started one afternoon, when the clock hit 2 P.M I changed the channel to ABS-CBN Sports and Action, formerly Studio 23. I was expecting to see the women volleyball teams to play but the men’s team were playing.

National University and Ateneo were playing a that time. Obviously, since I don’t know much about the teams and their stats, I watched them play. I was also looking at the cute players. Hmmm… I can’t find anyone to my liking, until this Torres guy scored.

From then on, I started liking NU’s men’s volleyball team. However, I don’t watch it often.




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