And he said, “I have outgrown Tumblr”

Ino has been teasing me about outgrowing Tumblr. Well, yeah. I have somewhat abandoned Tumblr. I am now more active here than in my Tumblr account.

I just want to put it here:

1. Tumblr’s crowd has changed. There are a lot of young people who write about love as if it’s the only thing that’s keeping them online. They talk about it too much. They advertise themselves too much. I wish they can learn that they can’t support themselves with just love. (Well, financially.) That they can’t be stable or earn a living out of writing about their failed flirtation misadventures. This generation suffocates the old-fashioned woman in me and yeah, I hate it.

2. The crowd has become immature. They think being a Tumblr Famous is everything. I find it immature.

3. Tumblr crashes when you post long text posts and you can’t retrieve it. They don’t have a draft. And that sucks.

4. Pictures. You can’t blog and post numerous pictures with captions.

5. Likes yeah, reblogs yeah, comments? Not always available.

6. There are bloggers who plagiarize. Claiming some posts that are not theirs and putting a watermark in it. I fucking hate it. Stealing ideas is a big no. What more is taking your thoughts and claiming it as theirs?

7. Questions that are posted like an autograph. Flirtations everywhere. Tumblr famous fights. These are my petpeeves.

8. I can’t publish simple text posts these days.

9. The pictures take a long time to show up on mobile.

So that’s that. I don’t know if it’s just the generation gap but I just hate how they blog these days. I miss the old bloggers 5-9 years ago. I guess, moving to a new platform is good for me. So far.

WordPress is a dear. It’s not as customizable as Tumblr, nor has a lot of free themes that you can choose from, but the mobile is the best so far.

Text posts, Spotify, photos, captions, editing, tags, categories, and the tablet feature works really well for me. I hope the developers won’t change the interface that much. I hope it won’t be ruined. I hope it will improve for the better.

11 thoughts on “And he said, “I have outgrown Tumblr”

  1. The Tumblr culture that i hate most is bashing, especially when it involves a “peymus.” Not that i have been bashed before; my blog is too insignificant. But i used to follow a couple of Tumblr Famous and i saw the kind of mentality young bloggers on Tumblr have. I went back to WordPress because the aura here is much more “grown up”, for lack of better word, than the audience I’d have on Tumblr. And i find a certain peymus “R.M.” a bit inflated.

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    1. Actually, I don’t care about those kids anymore. I already wrote my opinion about not being active on Tumblr. Naimpluwensiyahan lang talaga ng pangungulit ni Clyde. And the defensive in me came up with a list hahaha..

      I like your term “grown up” ‘though. Here, I can choose who to follow and that’s also the reason why I enjoy writing here. Duon kasi parang basta na lang maka-follow. To gain followers then unfollow. Well, hindi issue sa’kin yun pero ganun yung iba.

      Haha, bashers? For all we know sila sila lang yun. Ang dami ng feeling peymus dun. And mukha ng autograph ang tumblr ngayon. Pinaka ayoko yung ask me something sabay publish, tapos pinupublish pa nila yung nga convos nila.

      Oh well, sana hindi sila mag-migrate dito at guluhin ang WordPress community. Para silang mga jejemon ng Friendster na lumipat sa Facebook na napunta sa Tumblr. Hays. Sorry I’m venting.


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