Mini Dreams

I was sleeping in my condo unit when I was awoken by my glass door opening. I wondered how could it be opened when my key was inserted in the keyhole. My smartphone was ringing (for messages) while the guard and some people outside were trying to enter my house. They used another key to open it (which is hard to find these days) because it’s glass and the condominium is about 19 years old.

I woke up. Blankets wrapped around my body, sitting upright in the bed confused. Who are these people? And why did the guard let them in my condo unit? How were they able to open my glass door with ease when my key is inserted in the keyhole?

They settled in the other bed. The bed next to mine. The bed where my mom sleeps. There were three people. Two guys and a girl. They were talking while laying in bed in a casual way next to me.

I was wearing my usual nightgown. I don’t have a bra and my laundry is all over the place (I just washed my undies and socks the other day). I felt confused and conscious.

They were talking beside me. One of the guys, the prominent one, was telling me that he is a son of a senator, whom I don’t know. He mentioned his mother and father’s name like he was explaining his family tree. I also remembered telling him that I dont know them — in his face. Although, his parents’ names ring a bell, but I don’t care because I don’t know them.

It sends me a vibe that it’s like Arnold and Hana from Two Storey in real life. Or more like Kalvert and Friskie from my Wattpad story Friskie Frost.

Apparently, he (the senator’s son) was looking for a place to rent. Just in time when my mom or someone from the family sent me a message about renting my place, which is mine by the way. He / she / they defensively pointed out that it’s for my additional income. And why would I rent my place to a stranger with me living in it as well?

I wasn’t thinking of anything. I was beyond shock.

He looked at the bathroom and suddenly I realized that he REALLY CAN’T live in my apartment because it’s old and it has termites. And he can’t live in a place like this.

I still have to have my apartment repaired. I still have to renovate the whole place. Though, with the use of this guy, and his family being senators… he could actually help me renovate my place with his money. The thing is, he could just buy the condo unit of if he wants to. And what will happen to me if that happens?

No. Of course, I wouldn’t let him buy this place off. It’s the only thing that reminds me of my aunt / legal mom. I can’t give this place up. It’s mine. And, I might need his money but I can’t just sell it off. I can’t really let myself say I don’t need his money because I do… but what the heck? There are tons of houses in the metro that he can rent. Also, there are available rooms or units in the upper floors. Some even offer bedspace! But why me? And how did they find my place?

What really awoken me from sleep was the horror of taking the wooden door beside my bathroom down. I was freaking out. Then I noticed a Tagalog poem written in the wooden door. It has a title called ‘Babae (Woman).’

Then I realized that they (the people or construction worker on the other side of the door) are somewhat slicing the wooden door. Damaging it as if they are torturing it.

I was beyond freaking out when realization hit me that my room will be bare if it will be taken down. People will see what my room is like and my things will be compromised. My safety will be compromised. My things will not be safe. It’s like an intruder was given a chance to enter my property. Like my things are ransacked. Everything will be exposed.

Paranoia hit me. The panic was enough to awaken me.


It was a weird dream. This is impossible and it’s just as good as a Wattpad story. Actually, a combination of Two Storey and Friskie Frost. Maybe my subconscious is asking for me to write again.

Perhaps, everything is jammed in my mind. The renovations, the additional money, my mom and my mom who passed away, my stand in the real life controversies that my family has been stressing me out for years — which I’ll be facing tomorrow. Oh with what luck?!

My current rollercoaster ride in the love life department. My stressful job. My debts and bills. Everything!

Or perhaps it’s Delrium’s or Pandemonium’s or Requiem’s effect on my subconscious. It just weirds me out.

And now I can say that it’s really Friday. I can feel the tiring week. And it’s just the beginning.



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