Re: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

So I already finished Delirium by Lauren Oliver today. I’m on the third chapter of Pandemonium already and I’m still hooked.

I got interested in the Love is a disease thing and the mere fact that the Romeo and Juliet thing was just real in a Dystopian setting.

I’ve been hooked in the Dystopian and Utopian Young Adult fiction these days that I started with the Matched Trilogy by Allie Condie, which I was able to finish. Followed by Divergent by Veronica Roth, which I unfortunately stopped reading at Insurgent because I find the plot too strong as of the moment. Then this… Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I hope I won’t be bored in this book. Because the game changer for me are the plot, the pace, the characters’ personalities, and how it was narrated.

I read some good reviews about Pandemonium and Requiem and they said that these books are more interesting than Delirium. I was captivated by the attack of the narration of Delirium. I didn’t know what I was in for. I just knew that Love is a disease and that the people in this story are interesting. It has the same feels with Matched for me. It’s a little familiar. I imagine Alex and Kyle. I find both characters connected. In my mind, they have similarities that made reading Delirium easier to understand.

Of course they are two different characters, like two different people, but that’s how I can relate to them.

I’ve also learnt that Delirium was adapted as a TV series but was not picked up by FOX. Starring Emma Roberts, Daren Kagasoff, Jeanine Mason and Gregg Sulkin. I have to see it before I pass my judgment on whether it’s good or not. I also read a certain question under Lauren Oliver’s Delirum’s page in Goodreads that the pilot was too fast-paced for the fans. According to the post, they squeezed the story in 40 minutes, which made the pilot episode too much to watch. They used the word ‘rushed’ and I have to see it before I agree or disagree.

I like reading Pandemonium. Most of the words are easy to understand and some of it are complex but it’s okay. I like how Lena narrates the scenes although I can’t imagine some scenes but that’s my problem, not Lauren’s.

I haven’t seen Before I fall or her other books but I like the Delirium Trilogy so far. I heard Before I Fall talks about death and I tend to steer clear of those kinds of books like John Green’s The Fault of The Stars. Hello cancer!

I can’t say that TFIOS and Delirium are the same, but it’s different in my opinion. I don’t regret that I chose this book. I’m not sure yet but maybe this will be my second favorite book after Richelle Mead’s The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines ( TVA’s spinoff.)

I’m the kind of reader who prefers interesting plots. I didn’t even know that I’m reading YA novels until I got hooked with TVA, Becca Fitzgerald’s Hush Hush series, Thomas Sniegoski’s Fallen series, Lauren Kate’s The Fallen, and the Thirst series by Christopher Pike.

Oh, I also liked Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series even before it became overrated in the Philippines. I guess, that was the first series that I enjoyed. It was introduced by my cousin, who was in high school at that time. She likes talking about it and we became close because of that. I guess, I became in love with fantasy series because of Twilight and I have to give that book the credit.

6 thoughts on “Re: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

  1. I’ve read the first book of this trilogy, and yes, the “love is a disease” premise is really interesting. i like the fact that Lena started as a proponent to the whole government agenda before being “infected”. but i haven’t read the next 2 books because i got sidetracked in my reading list, and lo, a whole year had passed since then. 😦 so now i’m wondering whatever happened to her bestfriend (can’t remember the name… the rich girl?) …

    i do, however, love Before I Fall, and have read it over and over at times when i needed reminder of my own mortality. 🙂

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    1. Hana Tate? I think besides Pandemonium and Requiem, they have a collection of books. Hana, Annabel, and Alex. I want to read more of it and I hope I can read those books too.

      I tend to shy away from ‘mainstream’ books. TFIOS, Looking For Alaska and Before I Fall, were very popular on Tumblr at that time. I guess, I just don’t like to follow the trend. But I’ll try to read it when I finished the Delirium trilogy and the other stories.

      What book are you reading now? What book did you read after Delirium?

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  2. Was Hana Tate her super rich bestfriend? The one who went to night parties with forbidden music? I suspect she’s the one who babbled against Lena and Alex in Book One. Haha.

    After Delirium, I read Bared To You by Sylvia Day, an adult fiction very similar to 50 Shades. Unfortunately I haven’t read many books thereafter… some shit happened in life and I lost interest in reading. Even David Levithan was no use. 😦 so now i’m into self-help haha. Weird me.

    Do read Before I Fall if you’ll have the time. 🙂

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    1. Yep, that’s Hana Tate. We have the same hunch about who told the authorities about Lena and Alex’s crossing the border.

      In the pilot, she confronted Lena about being affected with the disease. She said that she’s just a rule breaker but that’s it. She thinks Lena’s infected and her parties are just her way of living her life before getting the procedure. What a hypocrite!

      Well, I understand that hou got sidetracked with other things. I tend to go on hiatus after some time as well. Or get distracted by blogging, writing stories or work. It feels good to write something that is not about my lovelife this time.

      I didn’t like 50 shades of grey so I wasn’t able to finish reading it. David Levithan is a good writer too, he’s quite famous in Tumblr too but I’m interested in his books. I haven’t read it but I think his books are good.

      Self-help books are not fun for me too. I guessm it’s not my cup of tea.

      I will read Before I Fall but maybe not this quarter. :]

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      1. Wow, hypocrite indeed! I think deep down she’s insecure because (1) she used to be the rebel and Lena was the staunch government fan, but Hana couldn’t really do anything about it, unlike Lena who had the courage to defy orders; and (2) it was Lena who got noticed by the dude, even if Hana was the prettier, richer, smarter(?) one. Ha! We should totally start a group discussion on this trilogy LOL

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      2. I agree! About #1. I guess it’s because she is rich and she has a lot to lose while Lena has nothing to lose. As for #2, hmmm… It hasn’t crossed my mind actually. Perhaps she told the authorities about A and L’s plan because she can’t just cross the border and leave everything behind. Then there’s the procedure that she will take in a few weeks.

        I’m not sure about making a group discussion ‘though because I’m busy most of the time. But perhaps we can talk about other series too.

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