FM Class: Live and Loud | Anthromorphism Exercise

Very interesting!

like reading on trains

What if Philippine FM radio stations were students in a college class?

I imagine the class to be the liveliest around, what with everyone opinionated and raring to talk. The door ajar is big enough a crack to let the noise and energy out to the corridor and the ground. Hearing them from the outside doesn’t seem enough. It’s like you want to be in their midst, to see them live and loud from the inside.

  • Jam 88.33 is one of the younger and angstier kids of the class. All thanks to puberty, he discovered the color black plus his personal issues and now rages about them. His passion makes him more interesting, though his delves into the underworld makes him weird-sounding.
  • Wave 89.1 is that guy who has a solid wall for a body. He was weaned exclusively on imported stuff and food brought over from trips abroad. And…

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