Hello Nuffnang!

I have deleted several of my Tumblr accounts. I have abandoned my longest running account because my current theme doesn’t support Nuffnang’s ads. Heck, I even have a newly made WordPress account.

I just realized that it has been a bad habit to break. What is it? It’s making a blog every end of the year or the start of the year. It’s a cycle.

I always enjoy writing and updating in the first few months. Then, I can be easily get distracted by other websites or hobbies or tasks. It’s consuming me. I’ve made several excuses from writing or updating a story on Wattpad, watching my newly discovered series or continuing where I left off. I even make reading e-books as an excuse. But that’s me and my reality.

I often find myself writing things everyday and doing a challenge (then I remembered that I didn’t put the caption to my #100happydays challenge.) from time to time but then I always find some excuses to stop.

Generally, I stopped writing rants. I stopped writing things about my fellow bloggers. I stopped writing things about my observations and my sarcastic remarks. I stopped writing about my personal relationshits. Blogging is therapeutic. But it also takes so much time.

Then, there’s this issue with having a muse. Where, losing a muse can be a deal breaker. Where it’s mid-year and you haven’t uploaded anything or posted any personal insights on your blog. It’s becoming abandoned overtime. Until your muse disappears into thin air. You’d try to find her, try to communicate with her.. but there will be other things that won’t let you write something about anything and that sucks.

Then here’s sleepiness and fatigue escorting you to dreamland. Perhaps, sensing a rant coming along… Good night!c

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