Work 2

At some point, I consider my team in the office as my family. I’ve been so used to staying home alone and seeing my family so rarely that my workplace and my team leader and team members have become my usual people.

They’ve become a part of my daily life. I’ve shared the korniest (lamest) joke ever. I’ve shared my life experiences, daily rants, frustrations and a bit of my personality with them.

Heck, I was even part of a ruckus in the last quarter of this year because of a friend and a teammate. It just amazes me how close we’ve become — at least in my perspective.

That, no matter how grumpy or how much of a bully I am in the office, they are still there to listen to me and value my opinion.

It also makes me feel happy because we get to catch up from time to time. Even to those members who have already moved to another team. I guess, it was not just the students that reminds me to be passionate about work. It’s them. It’s because we get to share great ideas, some puns, similar reactions, and struggles together.

I guess we developed a good camaraderie in the process because we know how things are in the office. We somehow share the same sentiments and same experiences.

I’ve been writing about the heavy work load these past few days.

I even had to retake a test because I failed in the monthly assessment.

With all the deadlines that they are giving us, the numerous calls that we have to make, the competitions and the successes, it makes me feel that I’m doing a great job in what I do and that is what’s important for me.

I understand that there’s nothing permanent in this world. But I’m hoping that I’d get to last in this company with these people who have become a part of me and a part of whom I have become.



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