The Last Goodbye

Let’s make it final tonight. If it’s gonna be the end it’s gonna be the end.

If it’s the last long and heavy tears that i’m going to have to seal this relationship then so be it.

It doesn’t matter if it was me who gave in. After all, I gave my all. I fought for this relationship, even though you’ve been indifferent. I have fought this battle for years and it just sinks in.

You don’t care about me or us or what we have. It’s clear, now I know. If you really wanted to save this relationship, you would have. No matter how busy you are. But I guess, it doesn’t mean anything to you.

It hurts but it’s better than holding on to something that is worthless for more days weeks or months. I just hope you’d be vocal enough to tell me. So I can move on and find my happiness somewhere else.


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