A Dreamer’s Lullaby





Close your eyes come fly away with me
I’ll take you to places that you’ve never seen, never been… before
– A Dreamer’s Lullaby, Paramita


A part of asking someone to be taken away, when everything is too much and suffocating. When everything is getting stale and boring. At times when you badly need a distraction.

When you feel like you’re trapped, but all you wanted was just someone to help and understand you. Someone who’ll take away every difficult thing – to colorful and meaningful ones. Someone who will keep you motivated and inspired.

When you’ve been wanting to let go for a long time but too hesitant and scared to face it. When the feeling of being single scares the shit out of you. When you don’t want the emptiness to consume you.. When the thought of your significant other falling for somebody else, makes you stay.

When you’ve been too attached or dependent to that person and you can’t be your own person. When you are aware of the changes in your life and you barely know who you are right now. That you tend to wonder about your past self, where did she go? What happened to her? Who is the person inside you? When you barely recognize who you have become.

When you’ve been too careful, too cautious, too paranoid, too scared, and too hesitant to live. When you wish you can escape, but a part of you is wondering about what will happen in the future. If you will survive. If you can be as independent as before. If you can be as resilient as you used to be. If you can gain the confidence that you once had.


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