Let me re-establish my blogging style.

I’ve been reading my old posts and I’m trying to come up with a blog that has a soul. My official blog feels too formal for me. It feels like, I’m writing for the sake of writing. Not only in writing about important life events but also in documenting where I’ve been and how I spent most of my day on that certain adventure.

I even went overboard with posting photos about the events that I’ve been to, to the extent that editing a bulk of photos felt like a chore. I was also unsatisfied with how the blog entries turned out because even though I know that I’ve just started and I still got a lot to learn, I always end up comparing my blog contents with celebrity blogs. Writing that really sounds superficial and tacky, but… that’s how I sum up my blogging experience this year.

I still haven’t tried writing anything using my vernacular, since I created this new blog. Whenever I’m in the mood to write, I always end up writing my thoughts in English. Probably it’s because I’ve been training myself to write and think in English as part of practice.

I am also conscious about my thought organization skills. I still haven’t improved on that area yet. My thoughts are mostly scattered and random. Sorting it out takes some time and I sometimes get sidetracked with some topics.

I’ve written blogging and updating my stories as part of my goal. With this new laptop, I’m hoping that I could actually write sensibly and more often as well. I just really want this to be more therapeutic as my everyday life is getting more hectic. Y’know, adult stuff.

‘Though attending events would probably still be part of my life, I think I’d take it easy on capturing things. I will also enjoy the moment and live. For, I can write better when I have more experiences to share than to take photos of.

To more writings, sharing, and living!



I have yet to back up my files on my old laptop and update my new one. My hard drive is waiting for me. However, December is really a busy month and it’s not just because of the holidays. There’s really a lot going on.

I’ve been thinking. It’s not the laptop that’s stopping me from saying what I want to say. It’s not my internet connection, either. It’s how conscious I am about what I want to publish. It’s how I wanted to write things.

I’ve been experimenting on my content. I did say I want to write in my vernacular but I haven’t really published anything organic. I’ve been back reading my old posts from different blogs but all it did was bring back memories. My writing style has changed and I couldn’t seem to bring myself to write in the same manner again.

I’ve been meaning to write something as a diary. I am trying. However, it just doesn’t really feel right. Maybe it’s really because I’m conscious. I’m overthinking things. This part of growing up sucks. I tend to think about my life decisions and how I regret some of it.

Perhaps, I wanted to bring back the ranting on this blog. At the back of my head, I was really searching for a place to air my thoughts and grievances and just be myself.

I haven’t been myself in a long time. For me, things have been different because co-existing is such a task. I always have to adjust and adapt to my husband’s way of life. We fight from time to time and each and every time, I’d tell him that I’ll stop doing this or that. Sometimes, these changes feel like I’m losing myself and I’m becoming a different person. Like parts of me have been broken down to someone’s liking and getting validation is something I need to feel satisfied or sane.

It’s crazy! Looking back, I find my posts or myself as a carefree, positive and ambitious person. Currently, I’m far from that. I don’t think I’m the same person. Probably because I’ve experienced enough and I gained more knowledge from those experiences. That, or, reality has hit me like something I can’t even describe.


#Personal: Talking About My Family

Happy July 2nd!

I’m back on writing again after a long hiatus. It’s time to update this blog more often than I should and I mean it. I should really do something about my writing skills. Today, I will talk about something personal. It’s about stuff that happened a few months ago.


It all started two weeks before I got married. I invited one of my aunts on my father’s side to be one of my primary sponsors. I was dead set on choosing her because I would’ve never had the opportunity to work in Globe if it wasn’t for her.

We were supposed to meet on a Saturday, but she told us that we should meet on Sunday instead. It was Mother’s day when we visited them at Antipolo. I know that I will meet most of my aunts and uncles but I didn’t expect all of them to make it because from personal experiences,  not everybody can make it due to other reasons. However. they proved me wrong when everybody was there, even my dad.

I was ecstatic, surprised and excited to see him. It has been a long time since I’ve heard of him and I remember sending him some e-mails about how I feel and about how I wanted to get to know him more. We didn’t become close right away but there was a certain familiarity and assurance when we interacted. I didn’t know if I should feel shy or make the most of it. Deep inside, I know that it won’t last that long. It will take months or years again to see him and be with him, and before I know it… it’s time to go home.

I didn’t want to regret that moment. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get to know him better and be with him. I would like to have have an idea about who he is and what it is like to be with him and probably, save some memories of us together while I still can.

It was nice hanging out with him and having a heart-to-heart conversation with him. I’m quite glad that I’m already an adult when we reached this point, because I have forgiven him already and what matters to me most is that I still got the chance to learn more about him and have my own memories about him.

For years, I’ve only known him based on what my mother told me. Her perspective somehow honed the person I regarded as my biological father. Not knowing the facts and his real personality or characteristics, I was left with the idea of him. And like the others, I was hungry for more information. I wanted to know this person and validate the persona behind her perspective. It was as if, my mother was a writer or a storyteller, and she was narrating one of her antihero in her story. But, he’s real. And I wanted to know more and be a part of that story. I no longer want to be a listener or an audience. I want to be a part of that story too.


And so when I met him, I asked him to attend my wedding. I asked him because he missed so much. He missed most of my life and most of how I became to be. I asked him to make up for the lost time and own it. I needed him to be there. I gathered all my courage to ask him that because I may not have the opportunity to do it again. If he will, he would be doing that for me and not for the others. It would just mean that he wants to be a part of my life even just for a day or for just a few hours. It matters to me. It means everything to me. And I’m glad he did.

My relatives on his side, never failed to surprise me. Amidst, not being part of the entourage, they willingly committed to attend my wedding. Regardless if they are part of the entourage or not. Unconditionally, they supported me without the need to beg them to attend. It was more than enough. I couldn’t have asked for more. My only regret was, if I had only known, I would have chosen most of them to be a part of my wedding. However, it’s all done now and all I can do is to make sure that they become a part of my life now.


I was wrong to think that the people I grew up with and treasured, were the only ones I need to be with on my special day. It was late when I realized, I needed all of them to be there. It was already late when I realized that I need all of them and I am grateful to them because they spent that day with me and supported me on my new journey. It was late when I realized that I spent half of my life regretting the things I should’ve done. That I should’ve reached out to them a long time ago, that I should have told them how much I appreciated them and how grateful I am to be a part of their lives.

I was naive to believe that things won’t change. I was naive to believe that events such as the ones I grew up with are family traditions that will happen yearly. I was so convinced that those family traditions won’t get old. But… my aunts and uncles on my mother’s side are getting older. They aren’t the same people they used to be. Some of them have already passed away. Some of them are too old to have long drives. Most of my cousins have their own families. Most of my cousins are “too busy,” like me. That hanging-out was such a task and nobody’s got the time for that anymore. Even special holidays are better spent amongst their own families and that’s just too sad. So unfortunate for the younger ones, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandchildren and in-laws, to miss out on all the fun we used to have.

That’s just one of the realities in this millennial era.


Moving along…


I didn’t think much about choosing my other relatives on my father’s side at that time because I didn’t grow up with them. I thought they don’t want to be a part of my wedding because we barely had the chance to be together. However, they proved me wrong. They were in fact, more excited than my relatives on my mother’s side.

Ino and I had decided to choose most of the entourage on my mother’s side because I’ve known them all my life and regardless of our family/clan drama, I consider all of them as my important guests on my wedding. Sadly, not all of them made it to our wedding. Some had to be replaced by other relatives (“proxy”) because it’s a working weekday and they cannot be absent from work or school, — regardless if I have informed them a year in advance or a few months in advance.

I was very stressed out at that time. I’ve exhausted everyone on my list. It’s a good thing that my relatives on my father’s side are more than willing to be a part of my wedding. They were my lifesavers. They made my wedding much more meaningful because they really attended the wedding and became a part of my special day.

I was able to have a family moment even if there’s a little awkwardness to it. Still, my not-so-perfect wedding still pushed through and it still went well.


Fast forward to a few weeks or a month after that where Ino and I were invited to my cousin’s debut. I was requested to sing on her birthday and I gladly obliged.

My mother already had a hunch that we will meet my other siblings.

It’s a well-known family history. I am one of the poster child for UNICEF. My mother and father separated when I was a baby. I was adopted by my mother’s sister and her husband. They adopted me and raised me. They also took care of my mom and we lived there for as long as I can remember. They also adopted my cousin a few years before they adopted me.

My sister from my mother was born after five years. When I was around 10 years old or older, I’ve learned that my father also had 2 other children from another woman. A few years ago, I heard he had another child from another woman. Then, when I invited him on my wedding he told me he has another son.

Boy, that was a crazy narration of my family tree. I don’t regret any of it though. It was their personal choices and decisions, one that I don’t have any control of. It happened as I was growing up and it’s part of who I have become.


Perhaps, you are wondering why I am bringing this up.

Last night was my cousin’s debut and for the first time, I met my brothers. Growing up, I know that my other siblings exist, but it was just an idea for me. I’ve never thought that I would really meet them. I thought that it wouldn’t happen. I never imagined that I would. Not until I did.

I grew up with my sister in the same house. I grew up having issues with her because I couldn’t accept the fact that my mother fell in love with someone else. I fought with her when we were young because I hated the fact that she exists, and she has to live with me everyday. It was just later when she had her own child, that I realized it was not her fault that she existed. It was not her fault that she had to grew up with me. It was not her fault to be a part of my family. She happens to exist because my parents made decisions that I don’t have any control of.

I grew up with her and experienced what it was like to have a sibling. There are times when I would toy about the idea of my other siblings living with me. The idea of having a complete family was surreal. It was unimaginable and unrealistic. It was crazy. For I know that these siblings that I have are not only theirs. And my greatest fear was to have a broken family again and meet the same fate, — to have different children from different partners or to be left by my husband for other mistresses.


Then, I had to go back to reality and attend my cousin’s debut along with my husband and my mom. I met the youngest of my father’s child and he was cute and very smart. I didn’t know how to feel. I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know how to address him or how to interact with him. It was more than the feeling of being stunned. It was more than a feeling of “I know what this is. I already have a sister from my own mother, I’m used to this.” It was never that simple.

I know they exists. I know they are real but seeing them and being able to be with them was a different story. They are after all, my father’s offsprings. I’m dying to know them. I wanted to talk to them and tell them, “Hey! I’m your big sister. I want to know you more. I want to be a part of your life.” But I can’t. I was too weak to do that. I was just happy to see my father and be able to call him papa at that time

Last night, I realized that I was stopping myself from that realization. I do not want the reality to sink in and I was stopping myself from understanding that these boys are my brothers. I already have a sister. We don’t get along most of the time. We don’t understand each other because I hated her when I was young. I didn’t give her a chance because I was angry. We didn’t have a good relationship. And it freaked me out, when I realized that I’m glad I never had the chance to live with my other siblings.


Perhaps, it’s the right time to meet them. I’m already 28 and one of my younger brothers is already on his 20s. I could understand the awkwardness and tension. I understand that we are uncomfortable to talk and face reality. I wouldn’t really know what to say.

My initial reaction was, “I thought we’re gonna attend a debut, not a family reunion.” Because I didn’t really think that I’m gonna meet them anytime soon. I was curious about how they look. I was curious if they look like me or my dad. They say I look like my dad and I can see how I resemble my aunts. And seeing them, made me think that yeah… they are my father’s sons.

I’m just saying that it was unplanned and I was caught off guard. I’m glad to meet them and I wish we can have a chance to talk again next time. I would like to meet them and get to know them just like my father.

It was shocking and surprising but it was what made that night memorable for me.


I also realized something while I was writing this.

I was wrong to blame my sister for being born and for being raised in the same house. I regret hurting her physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I regret blaming her for whatever it is that happened to me. I am sorry for hurting her and for making her feel unwelcome.

I also realized that no matter how wrong my parents’ decisions are, I didn’t have to take it to the others and be angry with them or hate them. I realized that they didn’t want any of it and they exists because they are the results of a choice. They are good or bad decisions that constitutes not only my parents lives but also my life.

If for anything, I would like to be with them and spend time with them. I hope this is not the last and I hope that there will be more chances in the future.



I do not hate my parents anymore. I do not want to blame them anymore for their decisions. I just realized that blaming them wouldn’t change anything. They made decisions for a reason. They may have been happy in the process that’s why they stick up for it and I respect that. In time, perhaps I’ll heal and understand why they did what they did. Hopefully, I won’t need to be separated from my husband to find my own happiness.

Decoding Ariana Grande

Lemme dump my thoughts here, please.

First of…

The theme of that night’s party is Pride. We were just supposed to go to Terno Inferno when we decided otherwise. The reason behind it? It started earlier and our day was just starting. At the same time, I took that as an opportunity to go to TodayXFuture. I was one sneaky bitch. I know. I’ve been reading Jasper Lee’s posts and getting several notifications on FB about that place so that got me really curious. I was itching to know what’s in there and why is it so fun. So to cure the itch, we went there and found out.

More reasons / excuses here:

  1. For the universal excuse, I am doing it for Two Storey! However, I just realized that it should be for Twisted! XD #thehorrors
  2. To see him. To find out if he’ll talk to me or acknowledge my presence. I eventually fucked up and I’m not sure if he was the one I requested a song to. I was slightly tipsy and indifferent about my actions then. I was just hiding behind the excuse of being tipsy but honestly, I still know what I’m doing and it’s a bait. But nothing happened, and it’s probably because he doesn’t care or maybe because he knows I’m with my husband.
  3. To find out if he’ll crossdress and to find out if he turned out to be gay. And I was dumbfounded when I discovered he’s a DJ. :O


I took off my glasses that night because there’s no sense in wearing one. It was dark, I was tipsy and nothing matters. My first experiment failed but it was worth it. Every bottle of Smirnoff Mule is worth it. All those 5 bottles wreck me but it just added up to the fun.

I’m not even sure if he was the DJ whom I talked to or if he was the one who played the Ariana Grande playlist but it was just one of those moments where I want the ground to devour me. That won’t stop me from going there again, though.

TodayXFuture is like Saguijo. It has a homey feel. The rustic feel adds more flavor to the uniqueness of the place. It was quite small but in an intimate way. It’s a place where people can enjoy good music. Not just because Jasper Lee might be a DJ on that place, but because they have good food choices and music to pair it with. In fact, my husband says their Tofu Sticks are to die for. I hope to find another excuse to go there again.





I was quite worried if I was under-dressed. I was worried that we wouldn’t like the place. However, none of it matters because the place was a nice hangout place. There was no door charge too. Perhaps, the down side is that there aren’t enough tables and chairs. That won’t be a problem if you love dancing. It won’t be a problem if you are willing to join the crowd on the dance floor and enjoy the music.

We decided to try both and because of my tipsy / drunk behavior, my husband decided that we head home early. I honestly felt like a “tita / ahjumma / oba-san.” Going home early made me miss half of the fun. We should have partied ’til dawn but perhaps my alcohol tolerance had really failed me and it was really best to go home.

Drinking 5 bottles of vodka is a no-no. So next time, I should drink moderately. I should party harder and responsibly. I should #walwalnomore.


Friday Currently

Sneaking a WordPress Blog Post while at work. 🙂

Life has been stressful lately. I’ve been pre-occupied with many things — some I have mentioned on my previous blogs and others, I think I wouldn’t write about anymore.

I’ve been asking myself when I’m going to write again. Whenever I try to log-on to my blog, I often find myself procrastinating and coming up with different excuses not to. So, now that I have a 30-minute free time in the office, I will take this opportunity to update this blog.


Reading updates on our Slack and Asana. I’m on stand-by for any new tasks that will be assigned to me today.

Writing this blog entry. I’m glad that I don’t need to worry about my news task because I already finished it yesterday. Yay!

Listening to how my colleague is conducting her class. I can also hear the sound of my mini-fan and some typing keyboard sounds. :))

Thinking about my allowance until payday. Critical wallet days is real.

Smelling nothing. I usually smell coffee at this time but I decided to cut my instant coffee habit because I gained weight. I’m starting a water only diet today.

Wishing for another long holiday where I can do things freely. Like read a book, play computer and mobile games, go to the beach or discover new places or restaurants, write a blog entry or a story update, sleep more, go to a gig, etc. Something that won’t require work and chores.

Hoping to finish my tasks that are due soon. I don’t want any backlogs. I don’t want to be the cause of delay in the office. I’m hoping for a stress-free day today. 

Wearing a simple dress and a pair of flats for today’s work.

Loving my free time. I got to write something today. Yay!

Wanting more alone time. I need space and pamper time but payday is so far away. 😦

Needing more time to write and enjoy life. Stress is destructing me little by little.

Feeling tired of people’s BS and BV. I just want to accomplish many things today at work and be free when I leave for the weekend.

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I want to write something but whenever I try to do it, my ideas escape my mind.

I have tons of inspirations. Reading other people’s entries make me feel like I wanted to write a similar content. However, I dunno how to start.

Time is of the essence and I can’t afford to write. Things were hectic today. I haven’t finished my news at work and other work-related things will pile up soon. Then thinking about blogging sucks my energy until I shelf writing again.

Sleep. I need sleep.

After XX-years…

Helloooooo WordPress!!

After a long hiatus, here I am again to dump photos and more blog contents. There were many reasons why I was gone.

  1. New blog – http://www.cheskinita.com
  2. New job – I already have a 10-7 job that requires me to sleep early and wake up early… but i am restless.
  3. I just got my tablet back!! So I can post online and check my site on the app or on my tablet just like old times. I miss this. It just dawned on me that I miss free writing. Hopefully, I’d get to blog more often and update my Wattpad stories soon!!
  4. I just got married last May 23.
  5. I forgot my username, e-mail and password. It took me several attempts and e-mail hunting to get this account back but I’m glad I’m here again.
  6. Whenever I open my laptop, the idea of resizing photos that I’m gonna dump on my website frustrates me. I usually feel lazy. Add to the fact that mañana habit takes the ideas away.

I’m hoping to be active once again. I need an outlet, so I’m  gonna go ahead and try my hardest. For now I gotta hit the sack.

September Update

65th of #100happydays After watching Train to Busan

A photo posted by Franchesca (@cheskinita) on Sep 17, 2016 at 8:18am PDT


Whoa! Two months of not uploading or writing anything, huh? Sorry about that.

I’ve been pretty busy with life and I admit that I got too lazy to write anything. I stopped updating my blog since we went to Sonamoo in Centerpoint Bldg. in Ortigas because I find it such a task to accomplish. I’m still contemplating whether I’m gonna post it today or next time or on the next time that I will remember it.

And here I am, planning to be a part-time teacher and a part-time blogger next year. Way to go, self!

Well to catch up:

Ino was actually planning to “just check out” some DSLRs in Trinoma or in Quiapo but we ended up in Glorietta because the store that he found online also has a branch in Glorietta 3. The “checking out” turned into buying his own DSLR.

After buying the DSLR, we headed to the cinema and decided to watch Train To Busan. He actually gave me a choice on whether to watch Cheats in Katipunan or watch Train to Busan in Glorietta.

I honestly want to watch Cheats play. I was wearing a comfortable shirt, a pair of shorts, and sneakers. I also brought my camera in case, we decide to watch Cheats play. However, I haven’t read Saab’s blog in a while and I think I’ve missed some parts of her life already. I still listen to her band’s songs on Spotify but I haven’t been to her Twitter, Instagram or her blog since early this year. I kinda felt that I don’t know much about what”s going on with her life that’s why I decided to watch Train to Busan instead. After all, I need to get back to reality really soon. Hey Monday, that’s you!

So… Train to Busan…

It was a very good movie. We enjoyed it very much and it was a very good Saturdate night spent.  I totally recommend the movie. The make up, the CGI, the actors and the stunts were to watch for. Money well spent on this movie. I enjoyed it a lot considering that Chuseok has just finished last Friday.

On other news, I heard that Papa B is now recovering from his operation. He had a four-hour operation this afternoon. We are planning to go to Antipolo tomorrow. And nope, he isn’t the reason why I haven’t blogged in a while.

Oh! Apart from the fact that it was around June or July when my plan was disconnected, I am so happy to inform you that I’m free of debt so far! I have finally paid my Globe Bill after almost three months. The worrying will only continue after I paid my PLDT Bill.

I also went back to church recently. I at least try to go to church religiously in my own volition.

Sometimes having a relationship with Ino is frustrating, challenging, and quite complex but I am trying my best to understand him and let go of some things affecting his mood.

I stopped going to the gym too and I can feel that I’m gaining weight again. I missed my laser session this month. I had my tooth extracted last August.

The team building was a blast.

Mama S is going to go back to Taytay for Kelly today. I’ve already talked to my sister and told her that she should take care of our mom. I don’t want her to experience those conflicts again. I also would like her to be able to eat well and be happy with Kelly. Unfortunately, I won’t  be able to see her often. However, it would mean that I might not need to pay for her electric bill again.

My only concern was that we bought her a fan but she can’t use it because she’s going to stay in Taytay starting today. I will miss her but I will call her more often.

Hmmmm… what else?

I haven’t continued with my wedding plans yet. I haven’t called the dressmaker yet. I should have done that over the long holiday but I was actually worried about the down payment for the first fitting. I was worried because Papa is still in the hospital and I know that I won’t be able to ask him for some money because of his surgery.

Some problems are still piling up but hopefully things will keep me sane. I also hope that I will be able to finish everything that I need to accomplish. It’s going to be back to work, back to reality on Monday.

I also hope that things will progress as the days go by.

I don’t think that I have improved much for the past three month. In my opinion, I have slacked a lot and was very relaxed. I have to be more responsible and more motivated to work. I’ve wasted enough money and time and a bunch of excuses to cover it up. Hopefully, I can gradually get back to work and get back in shape in the upcoming months.

Due to these reasons, I haven’t updated my Sunday Currently. But, Sunday has just started so I might write about it later.

How about you? What have you been up to lately?

The Sunday Currently Vol. 11

Weekend is almost over and that means that my 3-day leave is already done. Actually, Sunday has just begun, but I’m writing this now because I may not have enough time to write later.

I spent most of my 3-day leave at home. Doing house chores and enjoying a bit of my me time. I spent half of it writing some updates on Twisted, catching up on some Korean TV series, playing some games and most of it in oversleeping and not sleeping on time.

Not very healthy, huh?

I haven’t posted much of my Sunday happenings because I got veerrryy lazy and I just didn’t feel like writing anything at all. But, I’m back. So, let’s get started.

Here’s my Sunday Currently:


It really has been ages since I’ve written anything here. I’m already on Chapter 23, which is about Valentine. I can feel the ending of this book and it’s taking me longer than expected because I’ve started reading a Filipino version of 50 Shade of Grey. At the same time, I’m also trying to read the English version on my tablet.


I can still hear the vibrations of the electric fan, and the voice over on the TV.  


Thinking about the upcoming grammar test. I haven’t read anything or reviewed for it. I only have less than a week to start reading and reviewing.


I can smell the scent of soup and shampoo because I just took a shower.

Wishing and Hoping

STILL Wishing and Hoping that this week would be more productive and less stressful. I hope I’ll be able to survive the working week without slacking or getting tired of going to work.

I think I’ve been writing this for a few weeks already and it still hasn’t changed. It’s slowly becoming my mantra. 

I’m also wishing and hoping that I’d get through this week without feeling so negative about things. I hope that the test won’t bother me that much so I can still work on the things that I need to concentrate on better.

I also hope and wish that I pass the test with flying colors. 🙂


Wearing a long red sleeveless nightgown to bed.


Loving that I was able to relax this week. I feel quite energized to work and I miss my team! 🙂


 I want to have this theme done already. At the same time, I just want to get the test done and over with.


I need to pay my bills in full. Seriously, I don’t want to have any problems with my budget anymore. It sucks.


Feeling excited to be with friends again. Looking forward to the salary day. Looking forward to chatting with my students. Feeling nervous about the test. So, yeah.. mixed emotions.


Clicking through my previous TSC.

How about you? What are you doing? Link up & share your Sunday Currently on Sidda Thornton’s blog. :)

P*CHA E’Di Komiks and Brothers Burger

Disclaimer: This is going to be written in my native tongue. I’ve been writing in English since I started blogging here because I want to reach out to my followers who are from foreign countries. However, blogging has become a task to me lately and it sometimes makes me feel lazy to update. So, for this entry.. I’m planning to write in Tagalog. 

If you have any questions, don’t be shy to send a comment or ask me on my ASK BOX.

July 9, 2016 — Ni-launch ni Toto Madayag ang komik book niyang P*CHA E’di Komiks sa Comic Odyssey Fully Booked Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Dahil na rin sa may kailangan pang ayusin si Ino sa kaniyang trabaho, dumiretso muna kami sa Hampton Gardens para asikasuhin iyon. Halos mag-aalas kwatro na nang makarating kami sa BGC. Umuulan pa kaya medyo hassle. Pero nung nasa loob na kami ng Fully Booked, medyo nabuhayan na ako ulit ng loob.

Kagaya nung mga nakaraang isinulat ko dito, hindi ako fanatic ng komik books. Hindi ko nakasanayang mag-basa ng mga komiks. Sa katunayan nga, mga high school na ata ako nag-karoon ng interes sa pag-babasa.

Hindi man ako super fan ng comic books, natutunan ko na ding maging interesado kahit papa’no dahil kay Ino. Una kaming nag-punta ng Komiket nuong nakaraang taon. Sumunod naman nuong Komikon, ilang buwan makalipas ang Komiket last year.

Ngayong taon, hindi namin naabutan ang Komiket dahil hindi pala ito 2-day event. Sunday kami pumunta ng Centris at walang nadatnang Komiket, umuwi kaming sawi at dumiretso na lang ng Bridal Fair sa Mega Mall dahil du’n kami nag-punta nung Sabado nung linggong ‘yun.

Nakaabot naman kami sa Komikon pero masasabi kong mas madaming tao ata ang nakapunta ngayong taon. Hindi ko ma-ikumpara ang dalawang event dahil yung una ay 2-days ulit ginanap at etong ngayong taon naman, isang araw lang. So, parang walang choice yung mga tao kung hindi pumunta na lang nung araw na ‘yun dahil wala na, e. Yun na yun. Pero ramdam ko naman ang success ng Komikon. Aba! Pangalawang beses ko atang nakita at nahingan ng autograph si Sir Lyndon Gregorio ng Beerkada, kaya ang saya ko!

Pero balikan natin yung komik book launch ni Sir Toto Madayag.


Pasensiya na sa mga blurred lines at sa mga duplicate files. Sa katunayan kasi ay tinatamad talaga akong mag-sulat ngayon. Medyo nahihiya kasi akong kumuha ng litrato dahil baka masita ako. Alam niyo naman, hindi naman ako kilalang blogger. #Feelingblogger lang.

Atsaka, hindi talaga ako masyadong kumportable sa pag-kuha ng litrato sa pampublikong lugar kaya ganito ang kinalabasan. In fairness naman, okay naman siya para sa akin. Sorry na lang kasi hindi ako professional photographer. Naiintindihan ko naman at tanggap kong hindi ako magaling sa larangan ng picture taking. Pero one of these days, pag-aaralan ko ‘yan. Serious.

So, eto ang ayaw ko sa pag-taTagalog, e. Ang dami kong side comment and side kwento. So, asan na nga ba tayo? … Ah! Sa komik book launch!

Nakita niyo naman ‘yung mga pictures, di ba? Actually first time kong pumunta du’n. At ang unang mga salitang nabanggit ko ay “The Saab Magalona Experience.” Nakalimutan ko na yung eksaktong last word, pero nasabi ko ‘yun dahil sa isa sa mga videos niya sa YouTube na parang nag-tour siya duon o may kung ano man o sino man siyang pinakita duon. Bukod pa ito sa entry niya tungkol sa writer ng Crazy Rich Asians na si Kevin Kwan.

So, si Saab ang una kong naisip nung mapadpad kami duon. Medyo inasam ko nga na makita siya duon kaso wala, e. Hindi ko siya natyempohan. As if namang duon siya namamalagi, e ‘noh?

So… back to the komik book launch…

Siyempre, hindi ako masyadong excited dahil hindi ko naman talaga alam kung ano ang ieexpect sa komik book launch ni Mr. Madayag. Una, kasi hindi ko lubos na inakalang ilang floors pala yung Fully Booked duon. Eto yung mga tipo nang lugar na gugustuhin mong bisitahin ng madalas kung may kotse ka lang at hindi trapik o hindi aksayado sa oras at gasolina ang trapik para lang makapunta duon. So, in short… isa ito sa mga trip kong puntahan bukod sa mga lugar tulad ng Route 196 (na hindi ko pa napupuntahan) at Saguijo (na isang beses ko pa lang napuntahan.)

Balik sa kwento…

Dahil sa ang dami kong commercials, ayun… hinagilap namin yung event. Akala namin tapos na kasi parang wala namang kagulo sa una, pangalawa at pangatlong palapag. So, dahil kawawa naman yung kasama kong nag-pareserve ng komik book isang buwan o mahigit bago ang nakatakdang komik book launching, sinuyod pa namin ulit yung lugar.

Maswerteng nahanap namin yung Comic Odyssey sa 4th floor. Tahimik at wala masyadong hype yung lugar nung nakarating kami. Nasabi ko iyon kasi kahit papaano, naimagine ko na kasing dami ng tao ng book launch ni Stanley Chi sa National Book Store ng Edsa Shangri-La ang event ni Mr. Madayag.

Pero, sa estima ko, mga komik book fans naman talaga yung mga naroon at hindi yung mga katulad kong walang alam sa pinapasok nila. Este, hindi katulad kong nakikiuso lang sa paandar ni Ino. Biased ako dito dahil hindi kami nakarating ng 1PM. Aminado kami duon dahil nga nag-punta pa kami ng Hampton Gardens.

Pero, kung wala siyang ibang lakad, ang saya siguro kung nakarating kami ng 1 PM. Dahil na rin sa wala akong alam sa Libreng Komiks, nag-picture picture na lang ako.

Gusto pa sanang mag-stay ni Ino kaso nung ako naman yung gustong lumibot sa YA section, nag-inarte siya at niloko loko ako. At dahil napikon ako, umalis na lang kami ng Fully Booked at kumain. Kasi hindi pa kami kumakain nuong araw na ‘yun.

So, nag-hanap kami ng makakainan na malapit lang sa Fully Booked. Madaming magagandang restos na pwedeng pag-pilian pero dahil ayoko namang sumubok nang hindi kilala (except na lang kung Korean resto ito,) pinili na lang namin yung Brothers Burger sa hilera ng Fully Booked.

Halos nawala na sa isip ko yung kumuha ng picture dahil medyo umuulan nuong panahong ‘yun. Gutom na kami at hindi namin alam ang oorderin dahil first time customers kami.



Siyempre, kapag wala kang alam sa isang bagay, ang pinaka-magandang gawin ay mag-tanong. So, dahil wala naman akong ka-alam-alam sa mga pinag-kaiba ng mga burgers nila nag-tanong ako. Hindi ko nga lang nagustuhan yung tono at sagot sa akin nung staff nila.

Eto na yung review ko, ah:

Sa isang establishment na nag-c-cater sa mga customers whether service man ang pino-provide nila or products, importanteng-importante ang knowledge ng staff sa service or products nila.

Natural lang sa isang customer na curious sa produkto o service ang subukan at tangkilikin ang mga iinoofer ng mga establishments na ito. Dito rin nasusubok ang kakayahan ng staff na i-explain sa customer ang products or services nila. Nasa paraan din ng staff na i-explain ang mga kailangang malaman ng customer para ma-enganyo itong bumili o para ma-enganyo itong subukan ang ibinibenta nila.

Meron akong nabasang article tungkol sa leadership. Diniscuss duon ang tangible things at intangible things. Sa summary nung article, sinasabi duon na hindi lamang profit ang mahalaga sa isang businessman. Pati na rin ang kaligayahan ng mga staff nito na pumasok sa trabaho at mag-silbi sa customers. Ang staff din ang isa sa mga dahilan kaya bumabalik o hindi na bumabalik ang mga customers.

Ang problema nga lang sa staff ng Brothers Burger dito, katulad sila ng karamihan ng staff ng CD-R King, may pag-ka-masungit at wala sa lugar. Wala sa lugar in a sense na, kung nag-tanong ka ng maayos, ineexpect mong sasagutin ka ng maayos at hindi barubal.

Nakaka-turn off yun kung tutuusin. Pero pinalagpas ko na lang dahil gutom na kami ni Ino.

So, nag-order na kami at inenjoy na lang yung pagkain nila. Actually, hindi ko masyadong nagustuhan yung inorder kong burger na sinabi nung staff na malambot ang meat at blah blah blah. Siguro na-apektuhan na ang panlasa ko dahil sa approach nung babae sa akin or siguro hindi ko lang talaga type yung pag-kain. Parang, nanghinayang ako sa binayad ni Ino.

Kung alam ko lang na hindi kasing satisfying yung service at yung food na ma-e-experience namin dito, sana nag-Japanese ramen na lang kami or nag-Wendy’s na lang kami.

Binibigyan ko ng 2 and a half stars ang Brothers Burger dahil sa dissatisfaction ko sa customer handling ng staff nila.

Naisip ko lang din, “Paano kaya kung mystery shopper ako?” Siguro, isang malaking kahihiyan sa franchise owner ang magiging feedback ko sa kanila. O siguro, hindi naman ganun kalaking kahihiyan, pero ito ay magiging isang experience na medyo maka-aapekto sa impression ko sa brand nila.

Kaya nga sinasabi kong baka itong branch lang na ito ang may pag-kakamali. Anyway, sana ay hindi na ito maranasan pa ng ibang potential customers na excited at curious sa products and services nila.